sherlock holmes

October 3, 2013

Thor’s Day – Bigger, Better, and OMG Fall TV

It’s Thor’s Day and in some ways, it’s the day we’ve been waiting for, because everything is back on television. In a little over 35 days it will also be the day before Thor 2 hits theaters and I have a feeling my brain will pop. Let’s pause for a moment to look at a preview of Thor 2. But in addition to the beauty of Thor, we’re adding back into the television watchpot: The Vampire Diaries The Originals (just for tonight and then it moves to Tuesdays next week) Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Big Bang Theory The Crazy […]
January 22, 2010

Literary Monsters

Monsters are hardly something new to novels, science fiction or otherwise. Long before monsters became the alpha male, leading men in paranormal romances or the tortured anti-heroes in urban fantasy, the monsters were just that – monsters. They were monstrous beings or creatures who plagued humans, fed upon them or destroyed them no matter what their “intentions” were. Simply put, the monsters were exactly that – monsters. From Grendal to Mr. Hyde, monsters pepper our fiction with danger, intrigue and passion. They preyed on humans, slaying them or taking them prisoner. You could argue that these monsters represented the nameless, […]