sherrilyn kenyon

April 26, 2011

Hot Top Tuesday: Leagues, Legends and Leopards

I love Tuesdays. New release day often brings new treasures to read, delve into and discover.  My buds Jaimie and Ruthie share my eclectic tastes for a wide variety of authors, genres and tales.  Their hot picks this week run the gamut from Sherrilyn Kenyon to Meg Cabot and more.  With a lot of edits still on my plate, I haven’t had a lot of time for reading this week, but I’m still working on Jacob by Jacquelyn Frank.  Don’t forget to tell us what you’re reading this week. Born of Shadows by Sherrilyn Kenyon Sherrilyn Kenyon has a talent […]
March 15, 2011

Y2K11 Spring Break: Young Adult Books to Look Forward To

It’s Spring Break, 2011 here and my buddies Pinky and Brain (Ruthie and Jaimie) have put together a great list of YA book recommendations for your spring and summer reading. Young Adult books are continuing to grow in popularity with young and adult readers alike. My daughter and I both enjoy a wide variety of YA series. So I asked her to nominate a few highly recommended reads for everyone. Check out her reads below and in the meanwhile, I have to second every nomination made by Ruthie and Jaimie, particularly Richelle Mead and Sherrilyn Kenyon!  Don’t forget to share […]
August 9, 2009

Sunday Snips and Clips: Book Winner and More

What a great week this has been. I got to meet a lot of great ladies at the DFW Tea book club and discovered a really wonderful antique shop. I saw G.I. Joe and it didn’t suck. I got to meet Sherrilyn Kenyon and was wowed by her warm personality and innate cheerfulness. We even got into a debate about paranormal romance versus urban fantasy and the power of definitions. Lisa Pietsch stopped by for a guest blog and I posted a short review of the Strange Brew anthology. Like I said, really busy, but ultimately fun week. So let’s […]
August 6, 2009

Sherrilyn Kenyon Live (Book Giveaway)

As you can see from the tattoo on the left, I headed off to meet Sherrilyn Kenyon yesterday. She was visiting a Barnes and Noble in Dallas, about 35 minutes from the house. I didn’t know about Kenyon’s appearance until Donna from Fantasy Dreamer asked if anyone was going. I truly enjoy Sherrilyn Kenyon’s works, I think when I first started reading them they were fresh and original and an entirely different take on the typical vampire mythos. The stories also embraced Greek mythology for which I have a deep fondness. Ultimately, however, the true selling point was the fact […]
August 5, 2009

Paranormal Romance versus Urban Fantasy

It’s a wonderful thing to run around all day and come home to a friendly discussion about paranormal romance versus urban fantasy. Essentially, the core of the debate is what separates the two genres? What makes a story paranormal romance and not urban fantasy? Or the reverse? I discussed my definition of urban fantasy in mid-July. Paranormal Romance versus Urban Fantasy Yesterday, however, I logged onto Twitter (You can find me on twitter at @HVLong, by the way) to see a question from my fellow writer and very good friend Shirin Dubbin (you may remember me applauding her book the […]