shirin dubbin

December 10, 2009

Daily Dose Holiday Blog Giveaway: Frolic and Play, the Paranormal Way

Good morning, the weather outside is truly getting frightful as the cold snap seems to be here to stay in the United States. It was 25 degrees Fahrenheit in Texas yesterday morning — brrrrr cold. But we’ve been handing out some hot books to ward off the chill all week and today is no exception. Joining us for today’s giveaway is author Shirin Dubbin. I met Shirin via Twitter over the summer when her book Keeper of the Way released. The story was delightful and the author even more so. I now count Shirin among my very dearest friends, few […]
August 5, 2009

Paranormal Romance versus Urban Fantasy

It’s a wonderful thing to run around all day and come home to a friendly discussion about paranormal romance versus urban fantasy. Essentially, the core of the debate is what separates the two genres? What makes a story paranormal romance and not urban fantasy? Or the reverse? I discussed my definition of urban fantasy in mid-July. Paranormal Romance versus Urban Fantasy Yesterday, however, I logged onto Twitter (You can find me on twitter at @HVLong, by the way) to see a question from my fellow writer and very good friend Shirin Dubbin (you may remember me applauding her book the […]
July 12, 2009

Sunday Snips and Clips – Early Edition

These are all the wonderful bits and pieces that I couldn’t fit in during the week, so I’m lumping them all together in my weekend round up! Keeper of the Way Three fabulous authors hosted a contest on Twitter this week. The #ebookwin challenged folks to write spoof titles on Urban Fantasy, Erotica and more. I won a couple of books (thank you ladies). I’ve read one, so I thought I’d share a fun plug for author Shirin Dubbin and her Keeper of the Way. Fun, sassy and sexy, Nia Mora is destined to die tonight, but worse, she’s likely […]