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January 7, 2014

Countdown to Some Like It Royal: 6 Disney Princes

Yesterday, I chatted about my favorite Disney princesses, so it seems only fair we talk about my favorite princes. Yes, I know the song goes “Someday My Prince Will Come”- yeah, unless it’s one of these guys, he can keep right on riding.  So who made the cut? Who didn’t? Arguably, not all of these guys were born princes (but then bad boys are attractive what can I say?). Flynn Rider, Tangled Not even close to being a prince, but Eugene remade himself into the roguish Flynn Rider and earned a hell of a reputation particularly after he stole Rapunzel’s […]
October 1, 2012

Once Upon a Time Post Mortem – Broken

Once upon a time…IS BACK! When we last saw our heroes and dastardly villains, the curse had been broken, Henry saved and Snow reunited with her Prince Charming. Thanks to Jefferson (the ever sexy Sebastian Stan), Belle was also released from her asylum prison and went straight to Mr. Gold as her savior bid her.  Furious and delighted, Gold took the potion of pure love harvested from Snow White and Charming and dropped it into the well released magic into the world… Or did he? All true love breaks a curse Spoilers below this line Flash Forward to the second […]