May 13, 2011

Thank You Smallville!

10 years was an amazing ride.  Thank you to Smallville’s cast and crew and to the publicists at the CW who shared the amazing clips seen above. Smallville: The Complete Series
April 25, 2011

Relationship Fans Are Brutal

As a romance author, you might say couples are my thing. I don’t mean that I sit around plotting about how to get a couple together (well, actually I do). I don’t mean that I sit and analyze what issues a couple has (well, actually I do that too). What I do mean is that I love to watch the journey of the couple as they go through their ups and downs, their communication issues, their misunderstandings, their passionate clinches and those profound moments when they click. I’m a fan of the whole enchilada in a relationship. The good. The […]
March 5, 2010

Open Letter to Smallville

Dear Smallville Producers, Writers and Network, Thank you for your announcement yesterday announcing the return of Smallville for a tenth season. 22 episodes in a tenth season will make television history for the show as it will easily pass the 200 episode mark in the fourth episode of the tenth season. I have been avid fan of the show since the first season. I delighted in the rediscovering the wonder of Clark’s powers as he grew up in the small town in Kansas. His initial friendship with Lex, the complicated choices that came between them and the cool, level-headed approach […]