February 15, 2012

Cassandra’s Dilemma Release Day!

Hey, I just realized I hadn’t dropped a note on here about Cassandra’s Dilemma being released today!  I blame mental fatigue for that one, oh and did I mention someone got an A on her thesis? Why yes she did.  Oh yeah. Oh yeah. So, here’s the plan, get some chocolate, pick out your favorite drink (be it wine or coffee) and kick back with Cassandra’s Dilemma tonight!  Come on, you know you want too! Available from Siren Exclusively!
February 8, 2012

Writing – For Love and Money

I make my living by writing.  By day I copy write for businesses while early in the wee hours of the morning I spin my tales of new couples and new worlds. Every part of my day is related to writing in some fashion from writing emails, to reading emails and helping the mini me with her projects, whether it’s writing or reading to writing new copy for my day job and hitting my goal of a chapter a day (3 to 5K). Whether I’m earning an hourly salary, hugs and kisses from my kiddo or selling a book, I […]