April 16, 2015

Thors Day: Avengers Age of Ultron 14 Days and counting…

I truly cannot wait for Avengers: Age of Ultron! From Ironman to Agents of SHIELD to more…Avengers Assemble! Everything Wrong With… these are always worth a watch, and it’s fun! Fun Clips! and Jimmy Kimmel with Avengers Family Feud!
August 7, 2013

We Interrupt Our Taking the Stage Countdown for….. NEW THOR TRAILER!

OMG! There is so much to love in this trailer. Watched it a dozen times already!
April 25, 2013

Thor’s Day Fun

Now for something completely different. Some fabulous scenes that should never have been cut from the movie and an alternative ending. Happy Thor’s Day
April 23, 2013

Thor: The Dark World Trailer

Yeah, you knew this would get its own post.      Let the countdown begin!
November 8, 2012

Bram Stoker, Vampire Diaries, Thor’s Day, Readers and Ritas, Boomers….

It’s Bram Stoker’s birthday, so happy birthday to the man who added vampires to the pop culture lexicon. It’s also Thor’s Day, a day I celebrate on Facebook with yummy pictures of Chris Hemsworth’s Avenging Thunder God (see what I did there!) and to top it off, it’s Damon Day, the day we countdown to the next episode The Vampire Diaries. And if that weren’t enough, we just one day away from kicking off Readers and Ritas in Allen, Texas! It’s going to be a fantastic weekend with authors, readers, and books, books and did I mention books? I’m deep […]