August 14, 2009

Tomorrow and Today with Christle Gray

For me, the idea of Tomorrow is one that is both terrifying and comforting. Comforting, because it embodies hope. Whatever you don’t accomplish today, you can always do Tomorrow. It’s the promise of second chances and fulfilled dreams. Of new beginnings and fresh starts. Tomorrow lets us always have the capacity to make right something that’s gone wrong or to fix something we think broken. But Tomorrow is a double edged sword, that also can terrify. It’s filled with uncertainty, a day of flux and change. Technically, it’s a day that never truly exists, because once it’s here, it’s Today. […]
August 7, 2009

Tomorrow with Author Lisa Pietsch

The Daily Dose welcomes fellow author and dear friend Lisa Pietsch for a hot cup of introspective thoughts and a look at tomorrow. Lisa’s novel The Path to Freedom is available now. Her continuing adventures with Sarah Stevens promise to delight fans for years to come. I love tomorrow. It is today I have all the trouble with. Tomorrow I’ll finish my second book and start on my third. Tomorrow I’ll find somebody in Hollywood and make them fall in love with Sarah Stevens and The Path to Freedom. Tomorrow I’ll get somebody at Cosmopolitan magazine so excited about my […]