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May 11, 2013

Writers Gone Wild: Or What Do We Talk About on a Friday Night?

So it all started out as an innocent moment of nerdgasm:AGENTS of SHIELD Baby! It got picked up! *WOOT WOOT* Feel the nerdgasm! Along with a little happiness about the new Tomorrow People (yes my Brit roots are showing, I loved that program) and The 100 based on the Selection I believe. And well…I’ll let you read the rest for yourself 8:09pm Heather Long Hart of Dixie got renewed Yes, I am VERY happy right now 8:09pm Virginia Nelson I heard VD got renewed…and Duck Dynasty. Good! 8:09pm Heather Long Yeah, VD was picked up in February So was Arrow […]
September 30, 2012

Sixty Minute Sunday: Introducing bOOb Tube

So as many of you know, I write a Vampire Diaries post-mortem following most new episodes during the season and that lovely feature will return in just a couple of weeks. I’ve also had some requests to do a Once Upon a Time post mortem, and no promises. However, a very dear friend of mine and I often talk all things speculative fiction, science fiction and paranormal TV and we’re collaborating on a new little project.  It’s a little sassy, a little funny and yes, I do go on at length about Vampire Diaries. Check out Boob Tube!  More episodes […]
July 21, 2010

SciFi Summer TV is Here

I have to say that the trend to provide original programming on summer television is one that I heartily appreciate. While I think I watch too much TV from time to time, I also watch many recorded shows when I am working out. So it is great to have something new and fresh to hold my attention while I’m on the treadmill (if I’m not on the bike at the gym, reading a book).  Either way, summer TV is here to stay!  Here are few of my favorite picks for things you “should” be watching if you’re not. Let’s look […]
July 12, 2009

Sunday Snips and Clips – Early Edition

These are all the wonderful bits and pieces that I couldn’t fit in during the week, so I’m lumping them all together in my weekend round up! Keeper of the Way Three fabulous authors hosted a contest on Twitter this week. The #ebookwin challenged folks to write spoof titles on Urban Fantasy, Erotica and more. I won a couple of books (thank you ladies). I’ve read one, so I thought I’d share a fun plug for author Shirin Dubbin and her Keeper of the Way. Fun, sassy and sexy, Nia Mora is destined to die tonight, but worse, she’s likely […]