wild in whispering cove

January 10, 2011

A Daily Dose of What Not To Ask Authors

I first want to thank @David7118 on Twitter for today’s topic. I’m thinking this could be fun. Disclaimer: Sarcasm is only one of the services I offer. It’s used freely in this post, though oddly there is often some truth in sarcasm. 😉 Romance authors are interviewed and asked questions all the time. Some questions are pretty good and a lot of fun to answer while others are asked so often they become second nature and others still leave us scratching our heads as we try to think of an answer (or even try to figure out what the person […]
January 7, 2011

New Release! Wild in Whispering Cove

Wild in Whispering Cove Haunting memories made her run–family forced her return–can love make her stay? Ten years ago a tragic accident forced Andrea “Andie” Adair from Whispering Cove, leaving behind her family, friends, and fiancé. A dark secret keeps her away from the sleepy seaport village, until she receives an ambiguous telephone from her grandfather. He’s in the hospital. Desperate to cling to her only living relative she races back home and straight into the arms of the one man she can’t bear to face. Sheriff, Brody McGrath, built his life without the woman of his dreams, but when […]