September 28, 2009

My Favorite Witches in TV, Film and Books

People always ask why I wanted to write about the paranormal, and even more specifically a witch in my first book Charmed & Dangerous. The honest answer is I love magic and I have always wanted to have magical powers. I made my witch, Bronwyn, everything that I wanted in a witch. I’ve had a long-time fascination with witches, that probably began with Bewitched. I wanted to wiggle my nose and make things happen like Samantha Stephens (Elizabeth Montgomery). I didn’t really catch the show until it was in reruns, as I was a bit to young the first time […]
July 14, 2009

Defining Urban Fantasy

So I in the process of introducing myself to someone the other day, they asked me what I wrote and I said “Urban fantasy and paranormal romance.” They cocked their head to one side, as if to clarify their image of me and responded with “What is urban fantasy, exactly?” Not too long ago, I signed up for a social networking site that another writer invited me too and the first comment posted to my page was “How do I define urban fantasy?” Everyone, it seems, defines urban fantasy differently. That’s okay, I have my definition and you probably have […]