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I grew up reading things like Greek Mythology, as well as Roman Mythology. While I preferred Greek, I knew that I wanted to do something more when I started writing. The gods were a sexist group with the men always being led around by their dangly parts, and the women turned into vengeful harpies for wanting their men to be faithful. As the years went on, I decided that my Gods would be Goddesses, and not just simpering women, but powerful fascinating creatures that made mistakes and found ways to dig themselves out of the holes they put themselves in.
I fell in love with a video game Goddess called Elphame from The Realm Online. She was a bad ass, who was swift with her justice and took absolutely no crap from anyone.
I fashioned Noxia, the Supreme Goddess, ruler of the Divine Ones from my imagination, based on the ideals of my favorite Goddess. She grew into six dynamic females that each have just as many flaws as great characteristics.

So, my question to you today… is which Goddess are you?

1. If you were in the Mall, and some thin little waif of a female just grabbed the shirt you were eying, and then had the audacity to look better in it than you would… What do you do?
A. You rip it from her skinny twig like fingers and toss her a $100 for her trouble.
B. You trip her, pretend it was an accident, and as you help her up, steal the shirt back while pretending to care for her bruises.
C. You let her have the shirt, after all, she was there first and you prefer green anyway.
D. You let her keep the shirt and offer to pay for it.
E. You cause a scene to make it look like she’s shop lifting, and laugh at her as they arrest her.
F. You kill him. All humans deserve to die like the parasites they are.

2. A guy at work gets the promotion that you’ve worked your butt off for. He neither deserves it, nor has the credentials that you have… What do you do?
A. You seduce him, make him your love slave until he steps down and gives you the promotion you rightfully deserved.
B. You pretend to help him succeed while undermining him and throwing roadblocks in his way until he is fired.
C. You send in your daughter to browbeat him until he resigns. Everyone knows your daughter is the scariest creature alive.
D. You work with him, side by side, ensuring his success, a selfless act that makes you a dynamic member of his team.
E. You convince the higher ups that he’s embezzling funds, and anything else you can think of to make him look bad.
F. You kill him. All humans deserve to die like the parasites they are.

3. A man hits on  you in the bar, he’s not bad looking and you have nothing better to do this evening… What do you do?
A. You let him buy your drinks, while feeding into his ego, letting him think you’d let him put his mortal hands on your body. .
B. Take him to the back room, get him all hot and bothered then laugh at his meager attempts at seduction.
C. Laugh at him because you know your ex-husband is going to skin him alive if he even thinks another man would attempt to touch you.
D. Smile and softly explain that while you are flattered, that you love all of mankind and could never be tied to one person.
E. Turn him on, grind against him in the bar, then make his clothes disappear so all the women in the bar can giggle at the package he wanted to share with you.
F. You kill him. All humans deserve to die like the parasites they are.

If your answers were mostly A’s – You are just like Noxia! The Supreme rulers of the Divine One. She is a take charge, no holds barred woman who is just as good as she is bad. She will protect her Goddesses with her life and values her children more than anything else in the universe.

If your answers were mostly B’s – You are just like Edereu! The Goddess of Death and Judgement. Edereu is a dual goddess, meaning she’s filled with just as much light as she is darkness. Depending on her mood, she’s either the nicest person in your corner, or the one about to stab you in the back. She’s always ruled by her emotions.

If your answers were mostly C’s – You are just like Tatiana! The Goddess of the Elements. Known as mother nature to mankind, she values the lives of her daughters and will keep doing well by the humans as long as they don’t meddle with her children’s lives.

If your answers were mostly D’s – You are just like Jaebo! The Goddess of Love is a pure light Goddess. She would never harm another living soul and goes out of her way to ensure the humans are protected from the other creatures that inhabit the earth.

If your answers were mostly E’s – You are just like Killana! Killana is the Goddess of Chaos and Strife. With an attention span the size of a gnat, she amuses herself by causing wars amongst the humans. Every great disaster can be laid directly at her footsteps.

If your answers were mostly F’s – You are just like Ulma – The Goddess of War. Ulma hates humans, she thinks they are nothing more than parasites and cockroaches that inhabit a planet they neither deserve nor cherish. A long painful death awaits anyone who crosses her.

You can meet all the Goddess in the three Divine Ones books that are currently out.

Divine Touch –
Divine Intervention
Divine Purpose

Check them out!

Kristy Denice Bock


  1. Heather Long says:

    I'm surprised by my neutrality…I'm Noxia. Guess I can settle for being supreme ruler…:)
    Great blog!

  2. Kristy Bock says:

    Thanks – I'm more Edereu myself. I have a dark manipulation side.

  3. No surprise – I'm Jaebo 🙂 Great post Kristy!

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