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March 28, 2011
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April 5, 2011

Well, my brain can’t possible absorb one more piece of information after a great weekend at the Dreamin In Dallas conference. I’m going to be MIA the next several weeks-I’ll be buried in edits, highlighters and cliché busting fresh-writing techniques. I have submissions to make, a new story to write and another recently completed to begin revising.

Attending conferences is one of my favorite perks of pursuing this work. So far, they have all been educational, inspiring and filled with friends to share a drink and a laugh with.

After a weekend of conferencing, as you drift to sleep, (or write a late blog), it’s the random, off-hand bits of information that you can’t help but try to process and file away for future use. You can try to purge and forget so you can use that gray matter space for something else, but that doesn’t always work.

Here are a few gems from this weekend:

  • Vampires are still hot- so if you love them, rejoice.
  • The writers closing down the bar are usually having the most interesting conversations.
  • Cinderella may be a serial killer.
  • I didn’t know what a Furry was, but I do now. Wikipedia it or Google at your own risk.
  • Agents, editors and speakers enjoy a well -run, fun conference as much as the writers do and DARA did a great job.

I’m already thinking of my next conference this summer. RWA NYC – I’m ready for ya! How about you?

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  1. Angi Morgan says:

    Glad you had fun and lots of success Kim. Keep your head down and barely come up for air until you get those proposals mailed.


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