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August 13, 2009
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August 15, 2009

For me, the idea of Tomorrow is one that is both terrifying and comforting.

Comforting, because it embodies hope. Whatever you don’t accomplish today, you can always do Tomorrow. It’s the promise of second chances and fulfilled dreams. Of new beginnings and fresh starts. Tomorrow lets us always have the capacity to make right something that’s gone wrong or to fix something we think broken.

But Tomorrow is a double edged sword, that also can terrify. It’s filled with uncertainty, a day of flux and change. Technically, it’s a day that never truly exists, because once it’s here, it’s Today. Tomorrow can breed procrastination, allowing you to put things off. As much as it dangles the promise of a second chance, it can mock your wishes and dreams, convincing you they are unattainable – out of reach in far away place that never comes.

So how does one deal with the enigma that is Tomorrow?

Tomorrow can be my friend and my enemy, so I choose to focus on the Today. Today makes me feel alive and in control. Today is what you can’t put off or think about later. It’s what your life is now, and to let that life happen without being an active participant is to not truly live at all.

It took me a long time to learn how evil Tomorrow can be. I let it take my dream of being a writer and keep it just out of reach for a very long time. After years of struggling, in 2007, I finally conquered the bad side of Tomorrow and decided to write and complete my first manuscript. Within the next year, Sapphire Blue Publishing turned my Tomorrow into Today and published my first novel.

It’s a contemporary romance aptly titled Second Chances.

I’ve discovered that the Universe sometimes has a weird sense of humor.

Today, Christle Gray keeps busy as a full time Art Framer, an avid crafter, an obsessive reader, and of course – an author. She still battles the evil side of Tomorrow on occasion, but hopes to gain more ground with a few more finished projects. Visit her at her website to see how it’s going!

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