TV Series “V” Returns March 30th

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March 8, 2010
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The new TV series “V” returns to ABC on March 30th. The series is a remake of a pair of NBC mini-series called “V” and “V: The Final Battle.” When those first mini-series aired in the early 80s, they were fraught with tension, Nazi symbolism and the desperate gasp for humanity’s survival. It was aired in an age when a VCR wasn’t common and when you had to be in front of your television or risk missing it. There was no catching it on DVD when it was released, television shows aired, and if you were lucky, you got a rerun chance, but most mini-series didn’t. So it was watch or miss out.

Maybe this is why I wasn’t sure what to make of the “V” remake. After all, we’ve seen the story of the Visitors. We know they lie. We know they seek domination of world resources and dude, they eat people and gerbils (hands down still the grossest scene ever on television), so what could this new series possibly offer to that tale? Would it pick up a generation later? Would they be returning? Would this be the “enemy” that a message was sent to all that long time ago – the enemy of the so-called “Visitors” in an attempt to find an ally strong enough to defeat them?

Well – apparently not.

Great Cast

Instead, we got a fantastic cast led by Morena Baccarin and Elizabeth Mitchell – two actresses that are phenomenal. I’ve enjoyed them in just about everything I’ve ever seen them in from Firefly for Baccarin to The Santa Claus 2 for Mitchell. The rest of the cast is similarly attractive and interesting. Smallville’s Laura Vandervoot is a scrubbed, fresh faced alien while Alan Tudyk is delightful in another role of villainy (here’s hoping we do see more of him).

Still, a great cast can’t keep a series going if the storyline isn’t there. The four episodes we got to watch last fall lacked the tension that made the first series so watchable – so must watchable. The problem we run into is that the writers are challenged to surprise us. We know that the aliens are lizards. We know they are not up to any good. We know that there’s going to be a resistance and a war.

So what’s left?

That’s the challenge.

So check out the preview below and tune in March 30th so we can see what will happen next. I admit, I’m curious. Are you?

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