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February 19, 2013
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February 21, 2013

We’ve had to say goodbye to so many characters on The Vampire Diaries beginning with Uncle Zach back in first season. No character on the show has been spared grueling loss since the Salvatores returned to Mystic Falls, but the one who lost the most–Elena–has persevered, fighting to hold onto her hope and her utter humanity in the face of such utter cruelty.

Breaking Elena

Since waking up a vampire this season, Elena’s faced many challenges–not the least of which was holding onto her humanity and continuing to try and protect her baby brother from all of danger surrounding them. Pawns in a vicious game begun long before they were ever born, but they worked so beautifully together to take down Kol that we were all given a deep sense of hope for a real win for the Gilberts.

Fighting Fate

Klaus helped decipher the map so he could tell Rebekah where to go and warned her there was only one dose of the cure. She took out Stefan and went off on her own. Vaughn dragged Damon to the cave where they encountered Rebekah and he managed to take down the Original and Damon–escaping them both.

Stefan and Elena freed Damon, but Damon told Elena to go–there was only one dose of the cure and while he didn’t want her to take it, he wanted her to have what she wanted. It was a damn hard choice for him to make. He sure as hell didn’t want to leave her alone, but I don’t think he trusted himself to descend into the cave and not order her to stay a vampire.

Interestingly enough, Rebekah recognized his sacrifice for what it was and hopefully so will everyone else.

Tyler Says Goodbye Again

Meanwhile in Mystic Falls, Klaus promises Caroline he’ll give Tyler a head start to get away but he still intends to kill him so Caroline bids Tyler goodbye. A part of me feels like that was a great grand show they put on for Klaus and I think Caroline chose to stay because she didn’t want Klaus to murder Liz if she fled with Tyler.

Black Magic Bonnie

Using Jeremy’s tattoo magic, Bonnie leads Jeremy to Silas, and encounters Grams along the way. Jeremy who can see ghosts pulls Bonnie out of the fugue state and tells her its a trick. They make it to the petrified vampire, but they can’t get the cure out of his hands. Vaughn shows up and knifes Bonnie in the back–too bad it didn’t kill her because I couldn’t get that lucky.

He and Jeremy fight, and Vaughn tries to convince him that they are on the same side. They have to stuff the cure down Silas’ throat so they can kill him before he wakes fully. Meannwhile, Elena is attacked in the darkness of the cave.

Katherine’s Back

It should surprise no one that Katherine shows up at quite possibly the worst time. She takes out Vaughn, but doesn’t kill him and when Jeremy won’t cooperate with her, she feeds him to Silas so she can steal the cure. Silas snaps Jeremy’s neck after he’s fed and flings the body to the ground.

It’s a horrifyingly chilling moment on every level–Jeremy’s death is a catalyst, severing Elena’s final human tie. Despite wearing the Gilbert ring, Jeremy isn’t human anymore–he’s one of the Five. He won’t wake up. In her own way, Katherine may have created her worst enemy. Katherine didn’t really become Katherine until Klaus slaughtered her family. She’s now done the same to Elena.

Rest in peace in Jeremy Gilbert. You will be missed.

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