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February 24, 2011
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As the episode wound to a close, my insides clenched. Yep, it’s another five weeks till we find out what happens next. So mark your calendars for April 7th because that’s when The Vampire Diaries returns with a new episode.

The House Guest

Of course, The House Guest in question is Katherine Pierce. Always plotting, always maneuvering Katherine who engineered her escape from Elijah’s compulsion by goading Damon into killing him (which, as we discussed last week, was a challenge in itself). It doesn’t take Katherine long to start playing games, she prances through, dressed as Elena and Damon slams her into a wall. He thinks it’s Katherine, but Katherine plays Elena too well, leaving Damon questioning it. Stefan then thinks Elena who woke up with him was Katherine and he races upstairs to slam her into a wall, hand on her throat.

Those boys sure do have a thing for throat grabbing.

But Katherine reveals her trick before Stefan can do real harm to his ladylove. Poor boys, between Elena and Katherine, their heads have to be spinning. Elena doesn’t want Katherine there, she wants her gone … unfortunately, it will take a hell of a lot to take out Katherine as evidenced when they had to trap her in the first place.

Just Another Manic Mystic Falls Day

Where to begin? Do we start with the deaths? Sadly, I don’t think we got to know Luka and Jonas near enough before the family Martin was extinguished. On the other hand, I think Jonas would have been better off going into that house directly and dropping the vampires the way he did the werewolves if he wanted Elijah back rather than setting his son up.

But, one issue most of the residents of Mystic Falls seem to have as a flaw is impulse control. Those that rush to those first impulses nearly always fail. Check out Damon, he’s even reining in his impulses, studying the journals, picking Katherine’s brain and paying attention. If only Jonas had thought before acting preemptively.

Oh and total side note – what the hell is with the preview scenes being cut from the episodes? First it was an arguably pivotal conversation between Rose and Elena in The Descent and now it was Jonas and Stefan at the Grill. I get that time is a factor in a show that is this fast paced, but we could have lost a few seconds of angst here and there for more information on why Jonas’ would leap to the decision he made.

Witch Wars

I think the battle of the “witches” was short changed this week. Which means it’s far from over. Jonas is beside himself with grief when his spell allowing Luka to act physically within the Salvatore boarding house gets him incinerated by flame thrower (yes, Damon was totally hot there). I like that Luka’s movements were tickling their senses, even if they didn’t see him and Katherine’s palpable fear that Elijah would wake up was “almost” funny as was her crying out to Damon for help.

I am sorry that Luka died. I never cared for the character. Too shady and not enough motivation ( I think that storyline got short shrifted in the grand scheme of things) and particularly because Jonas had helped them against the wolves. But again, Luka and Jonas acted in their own interests and we’ve watched time and again that people who don’t work together end up dying.

Jonas’ madness at the loss of Luka sent him after Elena. He was going to take her from Stefan and Damon to make them suffer. I don’t know if he planned to trade her for a re-awoken Elijah (who would probably have exterminated Elena’s family and friends since she was the one who stabbed him) or if he would have traded her to Klaus for his daughter.

I guess we’ll never know.

Jonas’ attack at the Grill left Bonnie in pain, Caroline in agony and Matt knocking on death’s door. The Katherine/Elena bait and switch to trap and kill Jonas was predictable, but even I jumped when Jonas leapt up to seize Bonnie.

It’s so not over. Jonas did more than “give” Bonnie her powers back (and seriously, he can’t take and give like they are a souvenir). So I’m going to say the rushed exit of the Witches Martin is a red herring. They may be dead, but Jonas did something to Bonnie. Particularly because she was so secretive about the return of her powers and that laying her hands over Jeremy’s heart just smacked of something more nefarious than flirtation.

Love Stories Gone Awry

Caroline’s Eternal Flame declaration to Matt was beautifully done and Candice Accola has some beautiful pipes on her! I loved the song, I loved the love shining in her eyes and Matt’s reaction. I loved even more the reactions of Bonnie and Elena. The friendship between these three should be treasured which makes me even uneasier about the events surrounding Bonnie.

Bonnie came clean about Jeremy to Elena and Elena gave her a wonderfully supportive statement, declaring that both Jeremy and Bonnie deservrd something wonderful in each other. Matt and Caroline made up, made out and when Jonas hurt Caroline, Matt went for him only to get a broken bottle in the neck.

Caroline saved Matt and for a heartbeat or three I was worried that she’d turned him, but it’s worse. Now Matt is afraid of and furious with her. Yes, that can’t end well. I have to wonder if Matt will find himself locked in one of the six other rooms at the boarding house until the vervain leaves his system and he can be mind-wiped.

Poor Caroline, our Vampire Barbie cannot catch a break.

Damon Gives Katherine the Boot

Okay, I have to admit it, when I saw her crawl into bed after him I was worried that his predilection for self-destruction would kick in, but I cheered when he shoved her back out of his bed and totally dismissed her. Katherine has done nothing but hurt and abuse Damon, it’s about time she realized that he’s done with her and it’s her own damn fault.

Katherine also confessed to her deal with John Gilbert and Isobel. Interestingly, Katherine said “they want you out of Elena’s life” – she said you as in Damon, but they actually want both brothers out of her life. However, Katherine agreed to help set Damon up to kill in order to save Stefan.

Of course she chose Stefan.

The interesting mixture of self-loathing, disgust and disheartened surprise on Damon’s face at the news that hurt him despite how unsurprising it was shows us once again, just how much of a good actor Somerhalder is. While Elena’s never been put into the position of having to choose one brother over the other, she’d try to save both. She has tried to save both.

But Katherine has an agenda.

More Emily Bennett

I’ve always speculated that it was Katherine who turned Emily into the town. Who else would have done it? So as a recap for those who haven’t pieced together the history, this is what I know:

  • Emily was burned on the same spot where over 100 Salem witches were torched two hundred years before the founding of Mystic Falls
  • When witches die by violence, they release a powerful energy that can be harnessed (see my comments about about Jonas and why I think it’s not over)
  • Emily was Katherine’s trusted servant, but Emily still worked with Jonathon Gilbert who knew Emily was a witch, but he didn’t turn her in
  • Emily’s grimoire was buried with Damon and Stefan’s father which means she was burned very shortly after their turn
  • Emily asked Damon to protect her children and spirit them away because she knew the townspeople were coming for her
  • Emily crafted the spell to protect the vampires in the Church (including Katherine even though she wasn’t there)
  • Emily told Damon nothing about this until after Stefan made him turn
  • Emily used Bonnie to destroy the crystal because she wouldn’t unleash the vampires on Mystic Falls
  • Emily Bennett was the most powerful witch of the Bennett line
  • Grams, Lucy and Bonnie are all Bennett witches and some speculate that Bree might have been
  • Damon knows where the burning ground is because he knows where Emily died
  • He and Stefan are keeping that information from Katherine, for now

Okay, all caught up now? Yes, the Bennett history is one of the bigger mysteries that I want them to spend time on. Emily allowed herself to be burned unless they show us a more powerful witch or something, because she was so strong, so skilled and so talented, I can’t imagine she was just taken by a bunch of yahoos with pitchforks. Nope, there’s a lot more to that story and I hope they give us more.

Twisting the Knife

While John Gilbert was conspicuously absent this episode, the ripple effect of his words to Jenna led to a final break up between Jenna and Alaric (and is it me or is Jenna being a massive hard ass about this? I think there is a whole lot more to this than we’re seeing). The emphasis on Jenna’s degree and the reminder to everyone that she is a grad student makes me think that Klaus may be her professor or advisor. That he’s known about Mystic Falls all along and is just biding his time for Elena to be the right age.

But I’m not going to digress on the sacrifice right now because the knock on the door, that was Isobel coming to call. Daddy and Mommy Dearest are about to make Elena’s life hell in the name of saving her.

And poor Jenna, the ‘lies’ of Alaric have her reeling, but I think discovering that Elena had met her birth mother and never told her will be an emotional knockout punch for Aunt Jenna.

So what did you think of The House Guest? And what do you think will happen next?


  1. Elizabeth says:

    Oh! cant wait to watch it next week.

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