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November 9, 2012
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 They say you never
forget your first—well, Connor at least you know you’ll never be forgotten.
From the moment the episode opened with Connor taking the Mystic Grill hostage
with Jeremy, Matt and April (whom I now unceremoniously dub Red Shirt. Add her
to the drinking game folks, April is in jeopardy take a shot, April is clueless
take a shot, April has to have her memory wiped, take a shot…you get the
picture) in it, I knew Connor was going to bite it (pun intended) and that it
would be Elena who did the deed.
And you know what? I’m
fine with that. In large part because Elena “killed” in self-defense.
The heavily forshadowed ‘first kill’ didn’t show me that Elena’s vampire side
is evil or dark or a wild animal on a chain ready to snap loose. It showed me
that she’s an older sister who has lost a hell of a lot and refused to let this
psychopathic hunter take her brother with him. She bit him and let him go—warning
him to stay away from Jeremy. Connor slammed a stake into her and he missed her
heart—and she snapped his neck.
Goodbye Connor. Thanks
for playing I will not miss you especially after you gutted a sixteen year old
girl and left her to bleed to death to lure out the vampires. Good thing they
actually gave a crap about her.  This is
gonna be a quick and dirty post mortem, I’m terrifically behind after my
fantastic Readers and Ritas weekend, I promise more Vamp Diaries love for the
next episode!

The Diaries are Back
The two things I took
away from the episode opening with Stefan and Elena pouring out their souls to
their diaries:

Elena is fighting to survive as a vampire and determined to make it work
Stefan is fighting to
hold onto his girlfriend cause he can’t handle that she’s a vampire
And frankly, after one
hundred and sixty years, I expect more from the boy thank you very much.
Shame Spirals & Bossy Pants
Stefan is ducking Damon
and apparently Elena. This concerns Damon because there is a vampire hunter in
town—one that Damon wants dead and gone. It doesn’t take long before Connor
texts them all with his threat—show up or the hostages get it.  Even though Damon mocks Elena’s “shame
spiral,” it intrigues him that she’s keeping her activities a secret. But
let’s face it, Stefan can’t handle the truth which is why he made that
dunderheaded deal with Klaus in the first place.
All his rushing around
to get Connor back under control will be for naught if the others kill Connor
(and Klaus will be pouty because he won’t have his map to the cure to get his
blood bag back but I digress).  Damon,
Caroline, Tyler and Elena have a plan. The town area around the grill has been
evacuated, they will use several entrances and take the guy down. Stefan orders
them all to back off and let him scope it out.
Unimpressed, they all
challenge Stefan, but Damon relucntantly gives him an hour. But suspicions are
Backstabbing Brother
When it comes down to
it, Stefan vervains Damon and steals his ring. He then forces Elena to stay
behind telling her she isn’t strong enough to take on Connor blah blah blah, still
Elena’s not totally buying Stefan’s act either and his dropping Damon like that
bothers her. Later when Damon awakes, and Elena intends to go after Stefan into
the grill because of an explosion, Damon’s reasons to keep her in reserve make
more sense: Connor doesn’t KNOW she is a vamp, but when she says she’s strong
enough to do it—Damon tells her how.
By the way, may I
mention that sexy little mock fight scene she and Damon had that ended with him
on his back and Elena straddling him? Damn.
Elena plays her cards
and hits the grill. She manages to take down Connor, but Jeremy gets shot (btw
this is after the Hybrid gets shredded and Connor blows out his heart). Stefan
steals Connor away and Elena gives Jeremy her blood to save him.
Damon’s Done
In the tunnels below,
Stefan is strong arming Connor away but runs into Damon. Stefan is forced to
release Connor to keep his brother from killing him. Damon’s had enough, he
punches his fist into Stefan’s chest and demands the truth. Is it bad that I was chanting rip it out? Rip it out? Stefan finally
confesses about the cure and Damon tries to wrap his mind around it—but it’s
too late—Elena killed Connor.
If Stefan had been
honest for five seconds most of this could have been avoided. When the guys
find her burying Connor’s body, she’s handling it until Stefan tries to coddle
her and that’s when she breaks down. She tells Damon she did what he told her
to do and while some might see that as blaming—I didn’t. It was a fact. She
followed the plan and she killed him because she didn’t have any other choice.
Damon Loves Elena
Yes, he does and
emphasized when he talks to Stefan at the end—Elena doesn’t want Stefan there
and sends him away. She’s angry with him and rightfully so. She was supposed to
be able to trust him and he’s keeping secrets. Now to be fair, so is Elena. But
here’s the thing, when you don’t think your partner can handle something and
you can’t trust them with the truth—you don’t have a relationship.
Damon tells Stefan he’ll
help STEFAN find the cure for STEFAN, but he needs his brother to consider is
he so desperate to find it because Elena can’t handle being a vamp or Stefan
can’t handle that she is one. Pretty darn sure it’s the latter.  Damon, he’ll take Elena either way—because he
loves her, not the idea of her.
Meanwhile, Elena has a
flipout at her house when she sees blood everywhere in the bathroom and the
bloody words KILLER on the bathroom mirror. Oops, seems that killing a hunter
has consequences (of course it does) and since Klaus killed five of them, I’m
guessing this is why he’s bat crap crazy.
Tyler fessed up to
Caroline that he and Haley didn’t have an affair, he’s  just letting Klaus think that to disguise
their other agenda—freeing all the hybrids from the sire bond.  Bonnie is a dunce who lets the professor
hypnotize her all day—dude the first time she lost time she should have been
out of there. Of course, we know that the professor is in cahoots with Connor
and he kept Bonnie with him to keep her out of the line of fire—but I don’t
care. Bonnie’s choice to stay and just be “amazed” rather than pissed
flabbergasts me.
And of course, Jeremy
ends up with the hunter’s mark on his hand after Connor’s death. Jeremy is the
new slayer—sadly, he doesn’t quip as well as Buffy.
Next up, can they save
Elena from her hallucinations? Will we actually get to see Katherine again? And
will the “let’s find all the other Five
be a noose around the show? I hope not.
What are your thoughts?

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