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December 6, 2012
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December 11, 2012

It’s good to
be back and it’s good to have a new episode of Vampire Diaries to chat about.
Yes, I haven’t written the post mortem for last week’s yet in large part due to
work constraints and deadlines—and the fact that I didn’t even get to see the
episode until late on Sunday—but hoo boy did I hear about it. I want to take a
moment to comment on one aspect of My Brother’s Keeper because it fed directly
into this week’s episode.
The dramatic
choice to have Caroline’s screeching “OMG she’s sired to Damon”
intercut with Damon and Elena finally letting all their feelings cut loose and
make love for the first time—bad idea. Just bad. Caroline sounded like a harpy
and it was as though the writers finally gave fans what they longed for only to
say—but don’t get your hopes up.
Now, all of
that said, the “reveal” didn’t shock me nor did it diminish the power
of Damon and Elena finally being together. Their chemistry burned up the screen
and the absolute vulnerability and disbelief in his eyes when he realized Elena
did want him—yeah—Damon deserves some happiness. People want to paint him with
the selfish brush but he sacrifices a lot and he rarely wanders around moping like
What’s That Look on Your Face?
We open up
the next morning, Damon curled on his side in bed and when he opens his eyes,
Elena’s not there. There’s just the barest catch in his voice when he calls her
name and she wanders back over to the bed in his shirt and crawls in with him.
He thought she was gone and she just grins and says, “oh, I don’t need to
be at school until twenty minutes ago.”
They are
warm, affectionate, and Damon has this beautifully tender look on his face.
Elena teases him, asking him what is that look and he says what look with a
smile and she says “that look.” 
Damon confesses he’s happy and yes, I freely admit, I sighed. When was
the last time we really saw Damon “happy?”
They have a
playful time, make out, get Elena ready for school and he’s walking her to the
door. When she asks about what they should tell Stefan, Damon asks if they can
have one selfish day to just be happy before they have to break Stefan’s heart.
She agrees a little reluctantly but with indulgence—only to open the door and
find Stefan right there.
I would
usually give a pretty full synopsis but I’ve had a raging head cold and sinus
infection and I’m running on a lot of deadlines. So let’s hit the highlights of
the episode:
  •  Stefan tells
    Damon that Elena is sire bonded
  • Damon
    doesn’t believe him, but is willing to test the theory
  • When Elena
    is able to drink the blood bag and is so happy, Damon’s face crumples
  • But he then
    turns around and begins to search for a solution (I knew he wouldn’t hesitate)
  • We find out
    that Damon turned a woman in the 1940s named Charlotte, she was crazy about him
    and after she turned, she was more than a little crazy—like snapping a sailor’s
    neck because he touched Damon’s drink crazy
  • Damon found
    a witch to break the sire bond
  • The witch
    told him he needed to kill 12 innocents to free her
  • Damon told
    Charlotte to count all the bricks in New Orleans and he would be back in the
  • He left her
    thinking the sire bond was broken
  • The witch
    sold him a bill of goods
  • Stefan and
    Damon track down her daughter and after some push pull, find out no such spell
    ever existed
  • A sire bond
    exists between the Hybrids and Klaus because he frees them from the pain of
    having to shift
  • A sire bond
    exists between vampires only if the one turned had deep feelings to begin with
  • Tyler later
    confirms that the sire bond controlled his actions, never his feelings

I.E. Elena
loves Damon.  (Can I just say suck it to
Caroline now?)
Speaking of
Vampire Barbie (who gets kidnapped by the 
rebellious Hybrids in a dominance fight with Tyler), she was  raging bitch in this episode. I normally like
Caroline and I’ve adored her since Season 2. But all I saw in this episode was
season 1’s self-righteous snot. She is 100% team Stefan and made  no bones about being a craptastic friend to Elena.
I for one cheered when Elena called her on her crap and then kicked her out of
the house.
normal mode of apologizing for breathing seems to  be over. And I for one am very happy! Elena
still does the right thing, she helps save Caroline and Tyler exerts his
  • We learn
    that Lexi brought Stefan to New Orleans to apologize to Damon as part of his
    recovery (FYI, just because they are likening his ripper hood to alcoholism
    does not make the alcoholic sympathetic)
  • Lexi was a
    bitch to Damon about Damon only caring about himself (like she knows) and
    blaming him for Stefan falling off the wagon (as we recall Damon felt bad about
    that, he really wants his brother to have it normal) and that if he truly cared
    about his brother, he would stay away from him
  • For the first time I am glad Damon staked Lexi…
  • Damon takes
    her advice because he does care and he leaves, when he tells Stefan the story, Stefan
    looks surprised—guess he should considering he wears his martyrdom like a
    bloody shroud for all to see. Damon has lost a lot and he doesn’t bellyache
    about it

Sidenote: The witch in New Orleans needed 12 innocents to open her death magic darkness–what they call Expression. Professor Shane is teaching Bonnie expression and needs 12 Hyrbids unsired by Klaus. Gee, that can’t be good….
Send Her Away
The only way
to free a sire bond is to tell them to forget the person they are bonded too,
send them off to live their lives and never see them again. Damon frees
Charlotte and you can tell it hurts him and he feels bad that she spent 70
years in New Orleans waiting for him. He didn’t know. He goes home to free
Elena, but Elena doesn’t want to be freed. She tells him she knows about the
sire bond and figured that was where he and Stefan went—to take care of it. But
the bond controls her actions, not her feelings.
She puts his
hand over her heart and touches his face and says, doesn’t this feel real to
you? Meanwhile Stefan tells Caroline that Damon can’t be selfish with Elena
(you know like Stefan is) and Damon says he has to do what’s right by Elena,
but she shows him that he is right by her and she wants to go back to that
happiness they had the morning before and kisses him.
Based on the
previews, I think Elena is successful in keeping Damon with her.  And I for one am damn happy about being right
about this. The sire bond doesn’t make her love him—if she didn’t love him, she
wouldn’t have bonded to him.  And of the
two brothers, Damon will do anything to keep her safe and do right by her.
Stefan cannot say the same.
So cheers
all, what did you think of the episode?

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