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November 11, 2009
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November 12, 2009

The thrill of Twilight: New Moon opening is beginning to rev to a fever pitch. I like vampires. I like the story choices that different authors make. I like twists to the legends such as Kelley Armstrong’s vampires that must kill one person a year to sustain their existence. Romance and vampires is hardly a new concept, it has been around since Bram Stoker’s original monster pursued Mina Harker with ardent passion.

In Interview with a Vampire, there were multiple layers of passion – the passion of Lestat for Louis’ depth of feeling and the passion of Louis for Claudia, despite her madness and the hints of deeper stories beyond the fabric of the present. In the Vampire Lestat, we saw more passion – particularly between Lestat and his mother Gabrielle and finally, the passion of the Queen in the final chapter and of each of the vampires for the tassels of their mortality. Rice textured her stories with so many complex layers that it is easy to forget the basic passion at the root of it all.

Great Vampire Love Stories

The best vampire love stories are the ones that leave you aching. They are the tales that summon a tear or a sigh. The passion in vampire love stories leave you aching to see it to the bloodiest resolution and the characters dancing with death.

Buffy and Angel; Buffy and Spike

Two incredibly different love stories, but both involve vampires and forbidden resolutions. For Buffy, Angel was her first love and in some ways, her truest love, pure and platonic because it was forced to be so. For Spike, however, the vampire given to his passions – from his mad love for Dru to his commitment to change for Buffy. Remember, Spike went around the world to earn a soul because he loved her. Unlike Angel, his soul was a blessing, not a curse. Sadly, neither couple got a happily ever after.

Stefan, Damon and Elena

In the original books, the love Stefan felt for Elena began as a reflection of his passion for Katherine. However, once we met Katherine, we saw the shallow depth of the pool of thought. Despite Stefan and Elena’s love, something about Damon remained compelling. He is a monster who embraces his blood lust gleefully. So why did so many of us root for the bad boy? The power of love, redemption and passion are a commitment of the vampire tale.

Andre Lebrel and Diana Tregarde

Ahhh, this takes me back. Diana Tregarde starred in three contemporary, urban fantasies by Mercedes Lackey. A witch, she crosses paths with Andre in the novel Children of the Night. The flirtation is mild, but heats up quickly as the two set out to save the Romany that Andre protects and more from dark evil. It is a classic tale of good versus evil with a playful passion thrown in. I always wanted more of these books to delve deeper into their story.

Vicki Nelson and Henry Fitzroy; Vicki Nelson and Mike Celluci

Vicki is an ex-cop with a disorder called Retinitis Pigmentosa. The disorder is gradually eating away at her eyesight, but never say die Vicki makes her living as a private investigator. A series of crimes puts Henry Fitzroy in Vicki’s cross hairs. Henry, the son of King Henry VIII did not die as history reported, but became a vampire. Now he makes his living as a graphic artist. Vicki and Henry’s attraction is very push-me-pull-me until he must convert her into a vampire when she nearly dies. Now vampires in their world are very territorial and instincts force them to drive each other away, Henry is the one who goes, though and it’s Mike Celluci, Vicki’s ex-partner who steps up to protect and be with her. Blood Ties was such a great series that actually made the leap to television for a while.

Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman

Yeah, I know – everyone loves Bill, but I am a huge Eric fan. Eric’s fascination with Sookie gradually evolved into love and not just the possessive, I need to conquer you for status, but genuine love. The series is already tantalizing us with glimpses of Eric’s early obsession and frankly, I hope it does follow the passionate trail blazed by the books.

Do you have a favorite vampire love story?


  1. pattepoilue says:

    Woot Woot Go Eric! I can't stand Bill, from the begining i've been rooting for Eric he's so much fun.

    I've come to love Mickeal the vampire from the Tvshow 'Being Human' he's tortured by what he is and he can't love someone without having the urge to kill them. Love it

  2. Moonsanity says:

    I just watched the episode where Buffy and Spike give in too passion. SO good. For me Cat and Bones of Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress series are the hottest and best couple out there. Hands down:)

  3. CheekyGirl says:

    I'm a big Cat and Bones fan too – and Rachel and Kisten from Kim Harrison.

    I really dug Moonlight and wanted to see that go on further, but alas the show was cancelled.

    I loved the vibes between Lestat and Louis in the books that didn't quite translate in the movies.

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