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January 22, 2014
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January 24, 2014

The state of Virginia’s motto is “Virginia is for Lovers,” but did you also know it’s also a state ripe with ghostly haunts and paranormal activities? According to the state’s website, nearly 170 locations report paranormal or spooky activity. I lived in Virginia for years and I can safely say, I’ve felt spirits on the battlefields and in some of the older houses–not that ghosts like me that much, but that’s a story for another day.

Haunted Virginia

In Northern Virginia, one haunted location is said to be Gadsby’s Tavern Museum in Alexandria. According to local lore, it’s haunted by several young women who died there in 1816. Visitors report sitings of apparitions wandering through the halls. Alexandria also has ghost tours that begin at Ramsay House. Heading to this tavern is on my list the next time I’m in town.
Old Post Chapel in Arlington National Cemetery is reportedly haunted by a figure sitting in the bridal room. Perhaps because it was once the mourning room. Reports of footsteps and locked doors opening by themselves suggest there is definitely more to the story. I never got to check that one out.
In Dumfries, the Weems-Botts Museum is said to have a ghost who likes to throw books and turn the lights off and on. The house was once home to a reverend who fabricated the story of George Washington and the cherry tree. The house was also a home to an attorney who defended Aaron Burr when the man was tried for treason. When I visited the museum, I saw the lights flicker, but none of the ghosts threw a book at me.
But my favorite is in Leesburg–the Balls Bluff Battlefield Regional Park in Loudon County. I lived in Leesburg for years, and that battlefield is the largest Civil War relic in the county. Some say you can see apparitions of soldiers climbing the bluffs…
On one visit there in 1998, I thought I glimpsed movement from the corner of my eye, but I never saw them when I stared directly at it.
So many stories and tales from the state…it’s no wonder that the town of Penny  Hollow in Haunt Me wants to brand itself the “Most Haunted Town in Virginia.” 
Haunt Me releases on January 27.

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