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February 13, 2011
Tera Lynn Childs’ Sweet Venom Cover Reveal
February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine’s and Release Day! Seismic Evil releases from Sapphire Blue Publishing today and it’s been an exciting journey from the moment I wrote the first words to today’s release.

In March, 2010, I went back to Virginia. I’d lived there for nearly thirteen years prior to relocating home to Texas. I have a lot of great memories in Virginia from the turning of the seasons to the rich, verdant farmland to horses racing through the green. A lot of stories were born in Virginia, not the least of which was Chance Monroe’s first adventure: Prime Evil and her short story It Happens.

When I went back to visit Chance, the desire to return to Virginia for real was powerful. So many places in the book are places that I know well from Leesburg to Manassas to Culpepper and more. There is an equine medical center in Morven Park. I had a horse farm in Leesburg and that Herndon Starbuck’s that Chance is photographed at in Seismic Evil? I stopped there for coffee every day for five years.

Spring Break in Virginia

I drove to Virginia from Texas. We enjoyed the drive, it was gorgeous in the state, green was beginning to sprout from the trees, the skies were brilliant blue, sharp and clear and the air had that bite in the morning and warm fragrance in the afternoon.

I watched many a sunrise and sunset while we were visiting. We spent half our time visiting D.C., the Smithsonian, the Mall and more. The other half the time, we drove through Leesburg, Culpepper, Manassas, Sterling, Reston and so many more. I went back to the townhouse I lived in when my daughter was born and then out to the farm we used to own.

It’s still a horse farm! That delighted me.

Sure, there were a lot of changes. Huge areas of forest were gone in favor of suburban tract housing and my heart ached for the sun and shadow drenched areas that used to reside under all those trees.

After the trip, I came home and dived back into the manuscript, adding more flavor to the landscape of Chance’s story. Nearly every location in that tale is true and all the mistakes are my own. I hope you enjoy our return to Virginia. I know that I’m definitely ready to go back again!

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