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June 26, 2009
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Writing romance or inviting romance into your story means that you will write about kisses, soft kisses, cheek kisses, earlobe kisses, eye kisses, finger kisses and wet, warm spine tingling kisses. So the question then becomes what do certain kisses mean? What does a kiss say about your characters and where they are in their relationship?

The butterfly kiss is a soft, fluttering kiss that flutters the heart. It’s teasing kiss, a flirtatious kiss. It awakens feelings, desires and promises provocative ideas. Butterfly kisses are just a breath away from the flesh.

Soft kisses are delicate, like the petals of a rose. They can be reserved for close friends and small children. Soft kisses to the lips play the prologue to deeper, wetter kisses in the future.

Kisses to the cheek are friendly kisses. They can be patronizing, too. They can be a devilment, a tease and a slap in the face of someone who wants more. Cheek kisses can amp up the tension between your characters, particularly if one is fighting their attraction for the other.

The earlobe and eye kisses are far more provocative. The earlobe kiss nips gently at the soft flesh of the ear, suckles on it and often includes the gentlest brush of the tongue against the soft flesh. The eyelid kiss can be a butterfly kiss, but when a couple is exploring their passion, the eyelid kiss seasons the desire. It can be among the more intimate, trustworthy kisses that happens in the depths of passion.

Finger kisses can be playful and pleasurable. These are most likely to occur while basking in the afterglow, limbs entangled together. Nibbling, soft kisses along the fingers is seductive and a reminder of seduction.

What are your favorite types of kisses?


  1. Valerie Mann says:

    Love this post, it's so true. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Heather Long says:

    Thank Valerie! And thanks for coming by!

  3. I really like this post. It not only helps me further understand the feeling a kiss between two charcters a reader gets, that also passion, tension, and seduction are very strong elements in the romantic world.

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