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February 8, 2012
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February 10, 2012

This week has been a bit crazy for me, as you might imagine. I am gearing up for a new book release (I’m already touring for it and over at the fabulous Mel Schroeder’s blog today), finishing up my thesis and presentation for my MBA, and working on a dozen other projects.  But something odd happened this week, something rather unexpected, and seven a little touching.  I received not one, not two, but four separate emails from different people asking me about the Chance Monroe series.  They’d picked up my free read over at ARe entitled ‘It Happens,‘ which for those of you who may not know, is a short story featuring Chance and a little problem with some rising dead that she had to deal with.

The Chance Monroe series was originally published by Sapphire Blue Publishing beginning in 2009, with the second book released in 2011 and the third book, finished, but currently not in release.  At the end of November, 2011, the authors at Sapphire Blue Publishing were informed that the publisher was closing their doors.  Now, while this is always a sad thing, the publishers were fantastic about reverting our rights ASAP and turning our books back over to us.  This is a great thing.

The downside is that means they are not currently for sale anywhere.  So Chance, right now, is in limbo while I look for a new home for her. I have a couple of nibbles and my fingers are most firmly crossed.  Chance Monroe is probably one of the best characters I’ve ever created, at least for me.  She’s got sass, spunk, and snark — three things I love to write.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any news now.  But keep your fingers crossed for me and keep checking in. Trust me, as soon as Chance gets new lodgings (aka a publisher), you will be the first to know!  And thanks for the letters, they brought a smile to my face for not only the compliments about ‘It Happens,’ but the desire to see more Chance!

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  1. Have you thought of self-pubbing Chance? I'm sure you have, considering your thesis. So you've decided against it?

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