Writers Gone Wild: Or What Do We Talk About on a Friday Night?

Guest Author Virginia Nelson
May 8, 2013
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May 15, 2013

    So it all started out as an innocent moment of nerdgasm:
    AGENTS of SHIELD Baby! It got picked up! *WOOT WOOT* Feel the nerdgasm!

    Along with a little happiness about the new Tomorrow People (yes my Brit roots are showing, I loved that program) and The 100 based on the Selection I believe. And well…I’ll let you read the rest for yourself

  • 8:09pm

    Heather Long

    Hart of Dixie got renewed
    Yes, I am VERY happy right now
  • Virginia Nelson

    I heard VD got renewed…and Duck Dynasty.
  • 8:09pm

    Heather Long

    Yeah, VD was picked up in February
    So was Arrow
  • Virginia Nelson

    You deserve it after a crap week
  • Heather Long

    OMG and seriously what a week
    Also, the first commercial look at Agents of SHIELD will air during the OUAT finale
    I am super excited for the finale now
  • Virginia Nelson

    OH COOL!!
    Me too.
    I’m hoping they salvage it…like VD did. And if they don’t, at least I get a good commercial.
  • Heather Long

    Oh and I also rewatched the preview for TVD next week
  • Virginia Nelson

    Figure out any spoilers based on it?
  • Heather Long

    There’s a line where they said Ketzia will send every hunter who has died in the last 1000 years through if you do not give us the cure
    Yeah, that’s not a party of fun
  • Virginia Nelson

    Wow…that’s a lot of hunters.
  • Heather Long

    Yeah and they all “hate” Vamps
    Not a happy place
    Damon and Elena should vacation in Storybrooke
  • Virginia Nelson

    Nope. Damon is going to have a panic attack trying to protect his doppleganger. LOL
    Yeah, Storybrooke has been way safer than Mystic Falls lately.
    Nothing. Happens. There.
    I mean, the occasional tortured witch…but otherwise, not action packed.
  • Heather Long

    That and Damon would hae already ripped out Greg and Tamara’s hearts
    He and Regina could flirt
  • Virginia Nelson

    Oh, man, that’s a mashup I’d tune in for.
    In Emma Vs. Elena…I gotta say, my money would be on Emma. Unless Damon and Bae got in on it…
  • Heather Long

    And then he’d look at her and go “Why the fuck are you so wound up about that uptight little priss Mary-Margaret?”
    Emma and Elena would get along
  • Virginia Nelson

    True. The wholesome would ooze around them in globs
  • Heather Long

    They’re both “orphans” – although I could see them doing shots over who’s had it worse…
    Bae and Damon would separate them ASAP
  • Virginia Nelson

    They wouldn’t trust each other–Bae and Damon.
    No bromance there.
  • Heather Long

    No. But Damon would probably be drinking buddies with Hook
  • Virginia Nelson

    Prince and Damon might bond…but Damon would call him a pussy.
    Oh yeah.
  • Heather Long

    OMG yeah
    And Elena would take one look at Henry and tell Damon “I want one”
    And Damon could ask Regina where she got hers
    *dies laughing*
  • Virginia Nelson

    Damon could solve all of the problems in Storybrooke in ONE episode.
  • Heather Long

    No shit
    Elena could make a deal with Rumple to deal with Klaus
    And then invite Klaus to town
  • Virginia Nelson

    I would love to see Gold’s response to Damon.
  • Heather Long

    The Dark One would LOVE Damon
    And then Damon would go – daggers? Are kidding me?
  • Virginia Nelson

    Damon, “Magic beans and a pretty little magic sword? Really? What are you guys on? Is it in the water?”
    Elena, “I think they’re serious. We should help them.”
    Damon, “Help them? I vote we eat them.”
  • Heather Long

    Elena: “But what could it hurt?”
    Damon: “You. It could hurt you. And me. Definitely me.”
    Elena: *sighs* “It’s the right thing to do, Damon.”
    Damon: “I like you so much better without your humanity.”
    Elena: “Liar.”
    Damon. “Yeah.”
    And finally, Damon will sigh. “Fine. But we do it my way.”
  • Virginia Nelson

    Prince, “I have a sword and I will protect Snow.”
    Snow, “Back down, Charming. I got this. So, you guys drink blood? My mom was the Queen of Hearts. Bring it.”
  • Heather Long

    Damon: “I don’t drink anything with that much saccharine in it.”
  • Virginia Nelson

    Emma, “Mom, they’re not attacking us. They want us to help them defeat a great evil…er, original vampire, you said?”
    Elena, “Yes, Klaus is an original.”
    Emma, “Yeah, that. What’s so hard to believe? You guys are from fairytales, they’re vampires. All of this makes perfect sense.” *brow arched*
    Snow, “You’re taking this better than I expected.”
    Emma, “Expect the unexpected…right? Can you guys help me find my boyfriend? He fell into another world, maybe yours.”
    Elena, “You said he was the father of your son?”
  • Virginia Nelson

    Henry, “Yes, me.”
    Emma, “He was hurt. We have to find him quickly.”
    Damon, “A little blood and we can fix baby daddy right up. So, can you kill a vampire?”
    Emma, “I shot a dragon. How bad can a little bloodsucker be?”
    Elena, “You have noooo idea.”
  • Heather Long

    We are having WAY too much fun with this
  • Virginia Nelson

    Dood, we could write some rockin fanfic.
  • Heather Long

    No shit
    And after they get the hell out of Storybrooke, they can take a break in Haven
    Get a drink at Duke’s
    Meet Audrey
  • Virginia Nelson

    You take the TVD folks, I got Storybrooke…we’ll be rich!! bwahahaha
    Oh, man…that would be cool. And then run into Dr. Who trying to fix the Tardis in Warehouse 13…
  • Heather Long

    The Doctor would offer Elena a chance to be a companion
    I’m thinking he’d offer Damon a trip to Torchwood
    Jack would definitely not mine picking up Damon
    And Elena
    At the same time
    It could be Damon and Elena’s really excellent road trip
  • Virginia Nelson

    True. But they end up flying away with Captain Mal on the Firefly so it doesn’t work out.
    There’s a story for ya…Roadtrip through the Universe. LOL
  • Heather Long

    I totally want to cut and paste this whole conversation to my blog
  • Virginia Nelson

    I would be so honored.


  1. I want you both to marry me.

  2. Heather Long says:

    Man, that would be an epic conversation.
    I look forward to it.

    Oh, and Saranna, I'd say yes, but I want a ring.
    I'm super classy, after all.

    If it has a skull on it, you get bonus points. LOL

  3. I don't think I have a bunch of chat nearly so share worthy. 🙂

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