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Bonus Scene: Attached and Adoring, an Untouchable Bonus Scene for Trials and Tiaras

It feels a little strange to come back to Frankie and the guys all the way back in high school. While we spent almost three-quarters of the series here, the last five books (I count Graduation and Gifts in this number) were very much them moving beyond high school. So when it came to writing this bonus scene for Trials and Tiaras, I admit to being a little stumped.

Trials and Tiaras is actually one of my favorites in the series. Truthfully, I love all of them. But there are some of my favorite moments in Trials and Tiaras. From the dressing room, to Ian and Coop’s first time “sharing” to the determination of the guys folding around Frankie and Archie to protect them.

That, of course, then begs the question… What do I write for this bonus scene? It took me a minute. But I came up with something. Clearly, if you haven’t read Trials and Tiaras, this would include some spoilers so… go read it and come back. *winks* Everyone else? Buckle up.


Fucking Frankie gave me life. From the first kiss she let me give her to just now, sucking my tongue and every ounce of breath from me as I fucked her against the wall. I lived to be right here. The feeling of that sweet pussy pulsing around my cock and all of my bones turning to liquid as I filled her up.

Yeah, this was life.

I traced my tongue over her pulse point, lapping at the salty sweetness of her skin. The smell of sex wreathed her. Wreathed us. Cum smeared my thighs, but she was full of it. Full of me.

Need flared to life all over again, even as my dick began to soften, I kept myself firm against her. I wasn’t leaving her body until the very last second. In fact, I wanted to move in. This pussy was my pussy.

A laugh escaped her, the convulsing of her inner muscles flexing around me made me groan. Goddamn, it was heaven and hell, but I was slipping free. Fine. Just needed to get a little harder and we’d fuck right back in there.

Frankie needed to come a few more times today. It was my personal mission in life. Right now, my only mission in life, to put a smile on her face and keep it there. No more tears for our girl.


Then her laughter turned into the giggles and I dragged my head up to see what had her attention. Coop sat there staring at us with a boner and a grin.

“Hey,” Coop said. “Good day?”

I glanced back at Frankie then up at the ceiling. Sharing meant sometimes the other guys were around, and while I could share her…didn’t always mean I liked it. But there was no denying the gleam in Frankie’s eyes and the pleasure in her flushed face.

I searched for resentment, irritation, or even just—impatience. None of it existed. It was Coop. He made Frankie happy. He was a damn good friend.

“You know, I don’t even fucking care.” She needed to hear that from me. It was the truth. I really didn’t fucking care. Let Coop watch. I kissed her again and then added, “It’s a damn good day.”

Behind me, Coop let out a chortle of glee. “Good to know.”

“Hey,” Frankie said as I set her down slowly. I swore there was an imprint on my body as much as my soul from how tightly pressed together we had been. Would be again.

Oh, definitely again.

“Hey, beautiful,” Coop answered.“Feeling good?”

“I feel amazing…and a little sweaty. I also need to go suck Archie off if he’ll let me.”

My cock gave a hard pulse and twitch at that declaration. She still had my cum in her and running down my legs and she wanted me to come down her throat?

Sign. Me. The. Fuck. Up.

“And if you want to wait with that,” she continued in a voice drenched in sex. “I’ll totally take care of you too.”

Okay. That was fucking hot. She wanted me first, then him.

“I can wait,” Coop offered. Magnanimous of him. I just grinned. Her kiss swollen lips were going to look so fucking good wrapped around my dick.

“Where do you want me, babe?”

“Right here is good,” she said as she pushed me against the wall next to the kitchen. We’d barely even made it out of there. When she went to her knees, I swore mine wanted to give out but my cock was already straining. Her eyes held a thousand questions and all the love in the world.

All the love I would never need.

Was this okay with me? Her sucking me off while she let Coop get an eyeful of her bare ass and dripping…

Fuck, yes this was okay with me.

It was heaven and hell. Every touch had me jerking, from the smooth strokes of her tongue to the warm softness of her hands. But I just let go and rode the ecstasy as she took me deeper and deeper.

You’d think I’d last longer, but fuck this was Frankie.

My babe.

My heart.

She wanted me and when she stroked my thighs to let me thrust, I fucked into her mouth and kept my gaze on her the whole time.




Especially when her lips spread into a dazzling grin and a drop of cum clung to the corner of her mouth.

I needed a picture of that. And her pussy.


Coop cleared his throat and I glanced at him. Really?

“So…is it too soon to ask about how you did that thing with your hips?”

That thing with my…

Laughter swelled up inside of me. “Trade secret,” I told him as I dragged Frankie up and then kissed her. I liked that she tasted of me. I like that she was going to go over there and suck him off, soaked in me. “But I could be convinced to tell you…”

The last I directed at Frankie and her eyes lit up.

“Let him convince you to convince me, Babe,” I whispered. “Make him work hard at it.”

Then I pressed a kiss behind her ear before I added, “I want to hear you scream until your eyes roll back in your head and your pussy spasms in a cascade of orgasms. If he gets you there, I want to slide inside you and feel you as I fuck you.”

“That will convince you?” she asked, pure and delicious devilment in her eyes.

“It’s a start.”

She licked her lips, then trailed her fingers down my chest. “I like this plan.”

Me too, Babe. Fuck, me too.

I liked it enough that I let myself enjoy the sway of those hips as she sauntered over to the sofa and the way her swollen pussy lips pushed out when she bent over just before going to her knees.


I was really invested in this plan.

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