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News & Updates:

Hello Trouble… Violent Chaos Cover Reveal

April 17, 2024
Violent Chaos Cover

Serriously… Hello Trouble! There’s a reason Lainey gave Bodhi this nickname and in the upcoming Bay Ridge Royals installment, he more than proves why it fits him so well.

So with the cover reveal, we get a brand new release date of May 14th! Don’t forget to pre-order today!

Our cover artist Stephanie Heinritz from Vicious Desires Design has outdone herself and I can’t thank photographer Michelle Lancaster enough for finding the perfect Bodhi in model Morgan Waterhouse.

I’ve never seen the point in an emotional connection…

Madness runs in my blood or so my family history would suggest. For more than thirteen years, I’ve been driven by one quest. One desire. One goal. It’s about more than just DNA and legacy, it’s about a promise. One I swore I would never give up…

I never could have planned for her. For Lainey B. For how the girl who kept my secret became a woman who is truly my partner. I’ve been running alone for so long, I didn’t think I could be with someone.

She’s perfect for me.

She fits me.

I don’t even mind that she comes with attachments. They’re hers, that makes them mine too.

Now, someone has made a mistake. They’ve targeted what is ours—what is mine.

They have no idea the hell I will unleash.

But they are going to find out.

New on Audio: Deceptive Truce

March 27, 2024

Deceptive Truce, an enemies-to-lovers and dark romance, is now available on audio with the fantastic multi-cast narration from Brooke Daniels, Adam Gold, Noel Harrison and Toby Scott and produced by Audio Sorceress.

“Telling myself one taste would have to be enough even when I knew it never could be is just another deception I sold myself on this trail of disaster.”

If you’ve just discovered Bay Ridge Royals, you start with Shamelessly Loyal!  Bay Ridge Royals is a follow-up and spinoff of characters first introduced in 82nd Street Vandals. Fortunately, Vandals is complete and is also available on audio (and the audio is complete). So if you want to start with Vandals, head right over Savage Vandal.

Happy listening!



Hellos and Happily Ever Afters Cover Reveal

March 25, 2024

Their love story has always been a work in progress. 

Frankie and the guys return in a brand-new installment for the Untouchable series as we revisit them post Farewells and Forever.

Save the Date for April 25, 2024.

For my beautiful children, you love to hear the stories of how Mommy met your Daddy, Dad, Pop, and Papa. You love the funny stories about fighting that Daddy should never have told you or the stories about dancing that Papa teases me with or how Dad coaxed me into singing with him. Pop says your favorite stories are the ones that tell you we are human, that we love, and have loved, and will always love you.

I get that. Family means security and safety. It means having people in your corner always. It means companions on the journey to chase your dreams and helping them achieve theirs.

Hello seems like such a simple word, my darlings. But every hello that led me to your fathers is also the beginning of the happily ever after we’re building every day. You’re a part of it, Izzy, Josh, Charlie and our new arrival. You are the continuation of the story, our work in progress—our happily ever after.

Are you ready to hear what happens next?