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News & Updates:

Your Book Boyfriends Are Back!

May 14, 2024

Today is the day,  the arrival of the penultimate book in the Bay Ridge Royals series. It’s both a thrill and a little nostalgic. How can we be so close to the end?
Then I remember, we met Milo, Adam, and Ezra all the way back in the beginning of Vandals. Lainey snuck in a few messages but actually walked onto the pages in present day in Dirty Devil the same book that brought us Bodhi.

If you add it all up, this book is more than thirteen books in the making. Thirteen is my favorite number!

Buckle up, hydrate, and get ready because it’s a wild ride from here to the very end.

Are you ready? They are.

Surprise Cover Reveal: Talk to Me!

May 6, 2024

Nothing like a Monday pick-me-up via a surprise cover reveal for book 1 of The Switchboard Duet.  Talk to Me is currently scheduled for release at the end of June. I’d like to move it up to May, and we’re close. So with that in mind, here’s your first look at the cover.  Designed by Cat at TRC Designs, she captured exactly what I could “see” in my head.

Do you love suspense, romance, and spy thriller-esque shenanigans? Then this is the duet for you.

“Patch online…”

Five years ago, I disappeared from the life I had and built this one. I spend my days, and most of my nights, on the line helping my clients achieve their goals. They call me when they are in a jam or are getting ready to move on a target.

I’m their information specialist.

The woman in the chair.

I’m their switchboard.

Intelligence, electronic eyes, computer hacking—I do it all. My singular goal, bring my clients home safely. Some clients are more special than others. We all play favorites. I know them, they’ve never seen me.

No one sees me.

They can hear me. They can talk to me.

I will always answer.

Until the day I don’t.

Frankie and the guys are back…

April 25, 2024

Today is the day! Frankie and the guys are the people.

Returning to the Untouchable world was like going home again, familiar, warm, and a hug I didn’t know I needed. At the same time, they were older, more experienced, settled into the bonds of their relationship in a way they probably couldn’t have ever imagined all those years ago.

Will this be the last book for them forever? I don’t know. Never say never. At the same time, we will see Frankie and the guys in Rachel’s series. We may see them pop up elsewhere.

The shouting. The chaos. The love. It was perfect. It is perfect.

I have also included every bonus scene for the rest of the books in the series. Some have introductions, some are self-explanatory, but so many of you reached out and wanted to be able to pick these up and have them on your kindle with the rest of the series.

As I said in the foreword of Farewells and Forever, Frankie and the guys have more than earned their happily ever after. Theirs will always be a work in progress

Happily ever after is never the end of the story, and this Hellos and Happily Ever Afters is exactly that. It’s the continuation of the big moments and the small.