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Bonus Scene: “Carnal”, an additional PoV for Dangerous Renegade

The following is an additional scene that took place in Dangerous Renegade. If you’ve read Dangerous Renegade, then you know Emersyn spent three days at Liam’s after the two of them finally hit the sheets. This is a scene focusing on their first morning together from Liam’s PoV.

Dangerous Renegade is book 6 in the 82nd Street Vandals series that began with Savage Vandal. To read more, Merciless Spy is book 7.

Note: This scene is brought to you because of a Review Challenge. What is that? And also, please be aware that spoilers may lie ahead.



A soft sigh and a groan snapped me from asleep to awake. The shift of the bed next to accompanied by a low, drawn out cry pulled all of my attention. Hellspawn faced me, with Rome behind her. He had a hand on her breast and another on her clit as he thrust into her from behind.

The strain on her face, the soft “o” formed by her mouth was a gorgeous sight. Rolling onto my side, I caught Rome’s gaze but he just lifted his chin before returning all of his attention to the woman in our bed. So determined to swallow all the sounds of her own pleasure, Hellspawn writhed and moved.

Every thrust from Rome had her twisting her hips. The feel of her when she did that to me was fucking amazing. I leaned forward, blew a teasing breath across her neglected nipple and her dark eyes fluttered open. I waited for her to focus on me.

Surprise flickered through her drowsy pleasure followed by delight. The delight beckoned to me like a lighthouse in the storm. I swooped in to kiss her, teasing that same breast while Rome tended to the other.

Their movements grew more frenetic as I kept up the kiss, breaking the contact for only brief seconds to gasp some air and then her cries escalated. Rome’s thrusts stuttered as she gripped the back of my neck and his very sharp grunts had me lifting my head to watch as the orgasm rolled over her.

Hellspawn strained and then shuddered only to tighten her fingers against my nape. Another little sound escaped and they collapsed together. I settled on my side, drinking in the sight of her. Pink flushed her chest and her cheeks.

Even in the low light of the sun filtering through the privacy shades, she looked radiant. With light fingers, she traced my face even as she curved her free arm behind her to hug Rome.

“Good morning,” I said, grinning slowly. My own erection was definitely hard as a stone. Morning wood had nothing on this.

“Hi,” she whispered, her voice ragged. Her light touch drifted down my chest to my dick and she wrapped her hand around the base. The touch was almost too light, so I bumped against her palm as she began to stroke in an agonizingly tender way.

“Going to torture me this morning?” I teased, more than content to just enjoy the sight of her like this. As soon as she rallied, I planned to pin her to the bed for another round.

Who was I kidding? I wasn’t planning on letting her out of bed for at least twenty-four hours.

“No,” she said, laughing and it was the siren call of that lyrical sound that drew me in. “Just trying to recover…this was an amazing way to wake up.”

“Compliments of my brother.” The quip earned another smile, this one even brighter than the last.

“Thank you, “ Rome said, without irony as he lifted his head and pressed a kiss behind her ear. “You’re welcome.”

Her laughter escalated. She twisted, still giving me lazy pumps while she kissed Rome. It did something to me to watch them together, the way she kissed him and the absolute unabashed openness.

My mirror loved her without reservation or demand. The fact she seemed to not only reflect those same emotions but welcomed me into that knot of affection tying them together…

When she broke from Rome she leaned forward and I met her kiss with the same firm gentleness. It turned hotter and more demanding. I dragged her to me and she gave a soft cry and a shudder. Rolling over, I angled myself and slid home she wrapped around me and indulged me in a long, slow, and lazy pursuit of our pleasure.

The sound of the shower running intruded on our carnal good morning haze. “Need to get up,” she mumbled and I ran my hand down to her ass and stroked it in slow circles. That she could let me touch her was an amazing gift. Even more, that she was so boneless and relaxed against me.

“You don’t need to do anything,” I told her. “When Rome is done, I’ll carry you in there and wash you myself.”

Her swift inhale and the surprise dancing across her expression as she lifted her head satisfied something truly primitive in me.

“When I care about someone, Hellspawn, there’s nothing I won’t do for them.”

Her smile softened as she studied me. “You know, you have given me that impression.”

“Good,” I said firmly. Course, when we did make it to the shower and she went to her knees for me, I forgot how to breathe.

“You should know,” she told me, eyes dancing. “When I care about someone, there isn’t anything I won’t do for them either.”

Fuck. I forgot how to think and my legs were definitely the ones shaking when she finished. We eventually left the shower, but Hellspawn didn’t bother with clothes. I turned up the heat to make sure she was comfortable and then we went to have breakfast with Rome.

An hour later, I coaxed her back to bed and I had zero plans of letting her out of it. Rome promised to be back later and that was fine.

More than fine.

“Liam…” She groaned during one sweaty break while I trailed an ice cube along her spine.

“Too much?” I’d hardly been gentle. Even when I fought to be, she fought me back and it was so damn easy to get lost in her.

“No,” she whispered. “But I think you might be stuck with me. Not sure I can move.”

I grinned.

“Fine by me,” I promised then kissed her. “Rome will tell the boys.”

Her sigh only added to my humor. “I don’t know how long I can stay.”

“We have time,” I soothed her. “Where you go… I’m going to follow.”

No more denials. No more running—unless it was to her.

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©️ Heather Long, 2023

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