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Bonus Scene: Disorientation, a bonus scene for Vicious Rebel

Wait, you’re getting another Freddie PoV? Are you reading that right? Yes, yes you are. Mostly cause you hit 400 reviews on Vicious Rebel and I am so excited to give you a little glimpse behind the curtain. So buckle up cause here we go! This takes place before the guys find him at the beginning of Vicious Rebel, so if you haven’t read Vicious Rebel, wait to read this later 🙂



A fist caught me in the side of the head and I rocked in the chair. Laughter bubbled up inside of me as I blinked through the watery eyes to find the pair of 19 Diamonds who’d jumped me glaring as bits of blood and spittle hit them as I laughed. Now they looked like speckled diamonds and that was funny as fuck.

I was high.

“Have you ever felt like nobody was there?” I asked. Granted it was a mostly rhetorical question.

“Shut up asshole.” He backhanded me and more blood flew from my lip. It sprayed across the tile and the girl who’d offered to suck my dick let out a squeal. I wonder if this was what they meant by spotted dick. Another laugh escaped me.

“I told you to make him talk,” another voice intruded. That dude sounded like a real asshole.

“You said get him here,” the spotted dick responded and there were tears in her voice. This time when flesh struck flesh, the spotted dick let out a cry.

“You know I’ll be found right?” I said. Hitting chicks was so fucking lazy. Besides, I was right here. 

“What?” The guy whirled on me and he got right down in my face.

“Have you ever felt forgotten in the middle of nowhere?” I asked, blinking away the fresh wave of tears his Shrek-level onion breath dragged out of me. “And have you ever heard of a breath mint?”

He snarled, sadly exhaling more of that nasty breath into my face, and hit me square in the stomach. I would have puked, ‘cept I didn’t have anything in my stomach so I laughed.

“They want answers or pieces,” a new voice said. Yeah I couldn’t see that one cause they’d knocked my chair over and I was lying on my side on the floor. This was kind of nice. Spotted dick rubbed her face and threw me an apologetic smile. Yeah, I knew better than to chase free pussy.

Still…shit, I tried to smile but all I could taste was blood so it probably came out some gruesome Freddie Krueger shit—Freddie Krueger.

Oh shit.

I laughed.

The air wheezed out of me.

“What the fuck are you laughing at?”

The chair was yanked up and the world swayed as it righted itself.

“Have you ever felt like you could disappear?” I asked, I was flying. At some point, this shit was gonna hurt, but not right now. This was awesome.

“We’re not gonna get shit out of him like this. She gave him too much.”

“Like you could fall and no one would hear,” I said with a sigh. But they weren’t listening. Nope, they were arguing and fuck that, I closed my eyes to shut them out. I didn’t need to hear that shit when I liked people, sure as shit didn’t want to listen to a bunch of spotted dicks fight.

You know—unless they were gonna beat the shit out of themselves…that would be sweet.

The minute I closed my eyes though, I saw Boo-Boo’s face. Fuck. I was supposed to get Boo-Boo something to eat and I’d totally gone to get her something special and then…yeah, then I got lost cause that was what I did.

The song burned in my chest cause the louder the fight grew the more it harshed my buzz. I needed the buzz. The buzz was the good stuff.

Yeah I was high.

Flying high, like Boo-Boo.

And yeah, when the dark came shining in—I’d be found.

The lyrics didn’t make much sense, but I loved the fucking song so I just sang it for all I was worth. It warbled and bounced off the walls. I got popped a few more times, but it just made me sing louder.

“Fuck my life, shut him up!”

Okay, I cackled at that. Funny as hell, but even as they hauled me out of the chair and dragged me next door and up some stairs, I kept singing. I even gave the big bruiser hauling me a smacking kiss on the cheek.

He all but threw me in the room and rubbed at his face like a maniac. So fucking funny. Taking a deep breath, I wheezed and coughed and waited—where was I with the song? Shit. I forgot.

Oh, I knew—I channeled my inner Anne Hathaway and sang about when I had a dream and it wasn’t long before the guys with me slammed the door on their way out. Head back, I stared at the cracked ceiling and tried to picture Boo-Boo doing that silk dancing to the song.

That would be cool.

I could fly with her like this.

But the song had one thing right—they tore our hopes apart.

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