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Bonus Scene: Education, a bonus PoV scene for Ruthless Traitor

Congratulations on hitting 500 reviews on Ruthless Traitor! Sorry for the delay on this extra “bonus scene” but I had to think about which scene I wanted to add a Bonus PoV for. As always, if you haven’t read Ruthless Traitor, this bonus PoV will contain spoilers.


“We’re here to teach you how to drive my car. Lessons for how to ride me come later—and they’re extra.” The distinct invitation to play echoed in his voice. Kellan hadn’t flirted with me since I’d discovered his “betrayal.” Then again, it wasn’t really a betrayal, was it?

“Extra?” Excitement threaded through me as if in absolute defiance to my wariness. Kellan had been the first one I’d ever been attracted to. The first to almost feel like a friend. Then—the truth chipped that away, turning everything I thought I knew into a lie. “How much was the car lesson?”

But had it? Or was it all discolored by the confusion and the pain surrounding my rather savage arrival into their world? At my question, however, Kellan unsnapped his seatbelt and reached across the divide to pin me to the driver’s seat.

The fire in his blue-green eyes beckoned to me and then his mouth was on mine. The fierce kiss I’d given him earlier had nothing on this. With sweeping demand, he thrust his tongue against mine and I drank him in like he was the oxygen. Whatever reticence might have remained went up in flames as he slid his hand from my chin to my throat.

The possessiveness in the grip didn’t tighten or choke, he didn’t collar or chain me, but it grounded me so deep in the moment, I trembled from the violent surges of desire and need. Want burst through me. This want was so different from the sex I’d been trying to seduce from him then.

Then we were both lying.

That reality settled in my bones. We weren’t lying anymore.

“How wet are you right now, Sparrow?”

I clenched my thighs together as I shuddered. “Soaking.” No more lies.

“Good.” He ran his tongue over his lower lip, this close, I could practically feel the action and then he laved that tongue over my lower lip. It wasn’t all that hard to imagine his tongue elsewhere. My nipples pulled so taut they stung. “Consider ‘that’ the cost of today’s lesson.”

Lesson. Right. Car. “We haven’t even started the car.”

“The cost covered the whole day, whether you drive it or not.”

That was probably good, I was having trouble remembering the rest of the lessons.

“Uh huh and when can I get on the highway?”

“Depends on what you’re willing to pay—”

Amusement and annoyance struck a match and flamed right through the bone-shaking desire quivering in me. “Right…you’re a fucking tease, Kellan.”

“Don’t worry Sparrow, I’m sure you’ll find some relief. Who knows—maybe I’ll send a Hawk over to find you after.”

I smacked his chest. What a—wait! Had he just offered to send Jasper to me? My cunt clenched tight around the emptiness. The wildness of that suggestion was so damn provocative that it only amped up my need.

His expression gentled, the kindness I’d found there so long ago returned. He meant it. Every word. Tripping over the wonder of that, I barely heard him as he said “Let’s start the car.”

Giddiness swept me up. I was really going to learn how to drive a car. It was a skill I’d always wanted, but who had the time? And if I had the time for lessons—then I could have them at—nope. I pinched that thought off. He got no part of this moment.


“I still can’t believe you’re gonna teach me to drive. “

After he’d gone over where I needed to put my hands, and more—a refresher I was grateful for because my scrambled neurons were still considering what he would feel like bare against me—he answered a question that had pinged around inside of me.

“As for why I’m teaching you, I want you to have every skill you need. Driving is an essential skill. It gives you a way out. Jasper is probably gonna take you to the range if he hasn’t already. You said Liam’s teaching you how to fight. The others are all trying to teach you different things, share different parts of ourselves with you.”

Share different parts of themselves with me.


This was Kellan offering a part of himself.


Hell yes, I was ready. I cut a glance at him and his smile offered me confidence and faith. Yes, he was holding out his hand in offering, all I had to do was take it.


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