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Bonus Scene: Hearsay and Hickeys, Bonus PoV for Brazen and Breathless

Congratulations on hitting 500 reviews for Brazen and Breathless. Some of my favorite scenes in the series took place in this book. Who am I kidding? I have favorite scenes in every book. That said, I had to put some thought into what bonus scene I wanted to do for this one. So I thought I’d give us all a little something different. So enjoy your Rachel bonus PoV from a scene within the book. Does contain “some” spoilers if you haven’t read Untouchable through book 6.


“Speaking of pig farms, I have a new series for you to read. You are going to love it. But you’ll probably call me a liar and a fake, because you’ll hate it first.” Laughter escaped me because of all the series I could recommend, this one was definitely just—wow. Frankie would figure it out. I had money on Jake being jealous of at least one of the characters.

Maybe more than one. I flicked a look to where Coop and the guys had gone. He’d been…yeah. I liked him most of the time. A fact I didn’t share often, but he was a pretty decent guy and rolled with everything.

What a shit thing to discover about one of your parents. Then again…what was family for but making your life miserable?

“Sign me up,” Frankie said. “I could use a new series with someone else’s drama.”

“Girl, let me tell you, they have drama.” Behind her head, I locked gazes with Archie. His dark brown eyes held a lot of anger, and more than a little malice. That expression also said he was planning something. I just raised my eyebrows.

Count me in, I more or less said with just a lift of a chin. He narrowed his eyes for a split second, then nodded with a half-smile. He would and he appreciated the offer.

Look at us being all diplomatic and shit.

Instead of wandering off, I continued into the cafeteria with Archie and Frankie. Sometimes, their dynamic was a little claustrophobic for me. They were all so focused on her and that’s where my focus was too. But the push and pull they often showed when I was around seemed absent.

And for once, I didn’t want to just nut punch the whole lot of them. I paused to consider that, maybe we were learning to get along better.

When Archie pulled out a chair for me, I almost smirked. But you know, if we were gonna continue this armistice, I would keep any and all scathing comments to myself for now. The coffee and the welcome should be appreciated.

We’d barely taken our seats before Jake focused on me. “So, who’s the new girl?”

Shots fired, Benton? “Excuse you?”

“Unless you’re dipping your toe in the XY gene pool, there’s a new girl.” He motioned with his coffee cup toward my neck.

“Jake.” Warning lingered in Frankie’s tone.

Unrepentant, he winked at her and pressed on. “Hey, she’d be the first one asking us if we showed up with fresh hickeys like that.”

“I don’t give you hickeys like that.” That warning climbed a notch. Oh, Benton. Take a good look at the land beneath your feet before you decide to tease me.

“You’re making his point for him, babe,” Archie said with a slow smile, and even Coop laughed.

“Not really,” I informed the smug little shits as I thumbed the screen of my phone to unlock it. “What she’s saying is that if you showed up like that, I’d be gutting you because she doesn’t leave hickeys like that.”

They marked her up. Not the other way around. Sharon and the bitch squad, however, loved to mark their territory. I’d be removing testicles with spoons if I caught sight of hickeys.

There was a particularly sweet and juicy moment where all four of them paused. Finally, Coop lifted his coffee cup and said, “Touché, Your Majesty. Touché.”

I just grinned and returned my attention to catching up on who was doing who on social media. The boys kept their gazes and their conversation off my hickeys. I also resisted the urge to check them. I thought I’d used cover up on all of them.

Oh well, I’d swing by the bathroom before class. A message popped up inviting me out again later tonight. I considered it a moment before flicking a look to where Frankie murmured to Coop and he seemed to relax against her.

Sure, I answered the invitation. I could go for another night of experimentation. I caught Archie’s speculative look and this time I did smirk. He just shook his head but he could hide the soft laugh.

Suck it up Standish, neither of us are going anywhere. He just raised his coffee cup and I took a sip of mine before Frankie pulled my attention back to her. Man, hanging out with them in the morning could get addictive. 

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