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Bonus Scene: Initiation, a Rome alternate PoV scene for Ruthless Traitor

Ruthless Traitor rocketed to 200 reviews! You guys are absolutely amazing. So for your first bonus PoV, I thought we’d slide into Rome’s head. Fair warning, if you haven’t read Ruthless Traitor, the following will contain spoilers.


Liam’s message said Vaughn had picked her up. So rather than go to Liam’s, I just went back to the clubhouse. Probably why he told me. I didn’t bother to check with the rats working or anyone else. I wanted to see her.

Since the shooting at the club, I needed to be where she was and by extension, where Liam was often. The need had grown into an obsession, one that gnawed at me when too long passed without them. I didn’t question it, just followed the lines back to where they converged with them. It was better when they were both in the apartment.

I was halfway to Kel’s room to get to Emersyn’s when I doubled-back to Vaughn’s. The door wasn’t locked, so I let myself in with a brief knock. Old habits. While not even locked doors could keep us out, the unlocked door was an invitation I accepted. The soft whispery groan that greeted me couldn’t prepare me for the sight of my starling, straining upward as she sat on Vaughn’s face.

The flush to her cheeks just added to the perfection as she glanced over her shoulder to meet my gaze. I didn’t like looking in other people’s eyes. It wasn’t comfortable. But I loved her eyes.

I loved the way she moved. The soft sounds she made. I loved even more how she would look at me and how she never demanded anything.

Except my name.

She’d needed my name.

I’d give her anything really.

What was my name in the grand scheme of all that? I shut the door behind me and locked it. Vaughn left an invitation. I didn’t want to leave a second. Not right now. Not while heat flooded my body and something stirred deep within.

“Hi,” she greeted me on a breathy groan that stiffened my cock in a way that had grown increasingly familiar around her. Especially when she moved like she was now, her hips rolling and Vaughn’s hands gripping her.

I moved to the bed and knelt on the edge of the mattress. The constant torrent of soft, muted sounds escaping her were a balm and a provocation. I wanted to hear all of them. “Starling,” I said, but she dropped her head. I brushed my fingers against her chin, helping her to lift her head so I could see her. The flush to her cheeks deepened. Her eyes were huge pools of starlit darkness. I wanted to dive into them and never leave.

The transformation of her expression, as she opened her mouth and released the first notes of a keening cry, was an enchantress’s song I couldn’t ignore. I wanted to taste that pleasure in her. I wanted to taste her pleasure. The stroke of my tongue against hers sent an uncontrollable shiver through my whole body.

Her kiss was the sweetest candy I’d ever sampled, a dark narcotic that instantly addicted me. I needed more. I cupped her chin, licking, sucking, teasing, and tasting as the soft sound of her cries grew in intensity. Every single one a lightning bolt to the voracious craving gripping my system. When she clasped my free hand and moved it to her breast, I sighed against her lips.

The smooth, suppleness of her skin was so fucking soft. Her nipple was taut and beaded hard. I tested the texture against my fingertips. It pebbled even tighter, the little bumps demanded exploration. When she didn’t reject my stroking, I pinched it, giving the faintest twist.

Not a stereo knob. The conversation the guys had a long time ago floated out of my memory. A disconnect from that moment and this, but it suddenly made sense. Not a radio knob. No, so much warmer, softer, and eager. She pushed against my hand, her back arching.

I had to release her mouth to kiss a path to that nipple. I wanted to feel it with my tongue and my teeth. Would it be as sweet as her lips. I sucked it against my teeth, careful not to bite and her strangled cry just made me increase the suction.

Her reaction coupled with the oddness of how it felt pushed me to suck harder. I wanted more. I wanted more of her.

“Shift,” Vaughn ordered and I lifted my head as he pulled her from me. My objections died when he didn’t take her away so much as move her to her hands and knees as he slid out from under her.

His whole face glistened. It sent my gaze to where he gripped her hips. What would she taste like? Could I paint myself with her like he had?

“Hands and knees, Dove. Look up at Rome.”

“Fuck her mouth, Rome,” Vaughn said. “She likes the taste of cock, don’t you Dove.”

“Yours,” she admitted. “I like yours. I like Jasper’s” Then she stared up at me. “Can I suck you off?”

I could deny her nothing and I didn’t want to deny her. The question made my cock throb with a kind of painful pleasure. The pain was familiar, I’d needed it to make my art before, but this was different. This wasn’t about making anything or anyone happy except her.

And maybe me.

I slid off the bed and shed my clothes. Nudity had never been a struggle for me. I didn’t care if I was naked or someone else was.

The first body I’d ever seen that I wanted was hers. And I loved her all naked and soft, the golden light of the room kissed every single one of her curves. It painted her like she was the moon, basking in the light of the sun.

I wanted to capture the whole moment. I wanted to paint her just like this. But not out in the city.

No, this would be for me.

“May I?” The whispered question feathered her breath over my cock even as she drifted her hand out as though to touch me. The fact she hadn’t made me want to strain forward. I wanted her touch.

“For you,” I promised her. I’d made that decision a long time ago. I’d painted her onto my dick. It had taken me several sessions with time to heal between each one. Vaughn insisted on the healing or I couldn’t use his tools. I’d inked her from memory, there was one video of her that had been done that I’d watched so many times. After downloading it to my phone, I could watch the four-minute-and-thirty-second clip anytime I wanted.

I wanted.

A lot.

Every light caress of her fingertips sent liquid heat pulsing into my dick. I’d had to get hard to do the ink. It had never been this hard. Then she traced her tongue over the tip and I wanted.

The hunger struck like a fist to my senses, blacking everything out except her. Gliding my fingers into her hair, the contrast of textures just added to the need burning in my veins.

“Open your mouth, Starling—tell me if I need to stop. I’ve never done this before.”

Her flared pupils seemed to swallow what was left of the brown in her eyes. Her lips went soft and her mouth widened. I thrust my dick against the hot wetness of her mouth and savored how her tongue glided along the underside of my dick until I made it to her throat. The resistance there slowed me. She gagged, but her gaze never left mine.

I’d wanted to dive into those eyes forever and now I plunged in. Liam had told me for years how much I needed to get my dick sucked. The idea never held any appeal.

Until now.

Her body jolted with Vaughn’s pounding thrusts, but I kept control of her hair. If she gagged, I needed to be able to pull out. Then I tested the thrusts. Hard and fast. Slow and deep. Each time I pushed into her throat the sensation was unbelievable. When she added suction and stroking with her tongue, my balls tightened. I wanted everything, but I always wanted to feel everything with her mouth.

My mind splintered, thoughts fracturing like an abstract as I shifted my hips and adjusted her head. She gave me everything I asked for. The vibrations of her cries stroked over my dick with rising intensity.

She gave me everything. I’d pull out with a pop and paint her lips with my cock and then she’d open up to swallow me again. When she cupped my balls, my thoughts stuttered. I had to hold onto her with both hands. The wild need to just pump into her grew. The violence of it. Every little gagging noise, every glistening tear that fell, all of it pulled my balls tighter and tighter.

Unleashed within me, my desire had become a visceral demand. It wanted her. I wanted her.

“Starling,” I warned as the tautness in my balls suddenly expanded to encompass everything and the pleasure-pain of release struck me. I let go and everything came out of me in a rush. She didn’t pull away. If anything she burrowed against my abdomen as she sucked me down.

I swore a piece of my soul went with it. When I finished, I pulled away but only so I could kiss her. I needed to kiss her. Fucking her mouth was amazing, but I wanted to taste her. To taste us on her tongue.

“Play with her clit,” Vaughn said in a guttural voice, as he peeled her away from me. He shifted until he had Starling spread wide in front of him, his dick pumping in and out of her at a speed that made me want to be the one pushing into her.

I stared at the way she glistened and convulsed. The bright pink flush had gone almost cherry red. Her clit strained out from its hood and looked like the most perfect of creations. For a second, the light played over the plastic on her belly and I spotted the tattoo.

I trailed my fingers over her nipples, testing what sounds I could pull from her. Then I kissed the edges of the plastic. The tattoo was so new, so fresh, and it was so perfect against her unmarred flesh. Our marks, not the painful bruises of before.

Then I went to her clit. Testing it, teasing it, stroking it with my tongue. I wanted to kiss all of her. I wanted to wear her on my skin as Vaughn had earlier. His cock kept thrusting, the motion hypnotic and he was in the way, but he also wore her on his skin and every lap of my tongue that brushed him brought more of her taste for me to savor.

Emersyn gave a throaty scream and Vaughn’s whole body stiffened, but I kept licking. I’d thought her lips were her sweetest treat. She had so much delicate decadence here, I wanted more.

“Rome,” Vaughn said in a breathless, wrecked voice. “You don’t have to lick my cock man.”

“It’s in the way,” was my only response. If he didn’t want to move—and I didn’t blame him—then I’d lick and kiss him as much as I did her. Every brush of my lips and tongue drew some reaction from her and from him. They both groaned as she tried to arch her hips, but I held her down and Vaughn wrapped her tight.

The pleasure was all for her and when she thrashed and came, I recognized the orgasm and the heady flavor of it rushed out of her.


I wanted more.

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