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Bonus Scene: Intoxicated, a bonus scene for Vicious Rebel

Here is your THIRD bonus scene for Vicious Rebel. Remember, if you haven’t read Vicious Rebel, this definitely contains spoilers. This is some unseen moments between Jasper and Emersyn from their date.


Homes didn’t always mean happy.

The sweet length of her back was visible in the firelight. We’d fucked. We’d talked. We’d fucked some more. We drank beer. We fucked. We had a snack and talked. Then we fucked again. My cock was already struggling valiantly to come back to life. I wanted to fuck every inch of her skin. I wanted to feel her come around me again and again.

Twice she’d tried to go down on me with her mouth, but I was in no way prepared to be gentle with her yet. While she kept telling me she didn’t need gentle, I wasn’t going to choke her with my cock because I couldn’t control how badly I wanted her. Fuck, just the image alone had my dick stirring.

I traced my fingers down the smoothness of her shoulder and along the length of her back. She was so deeply asleep, she didn’t even react to my touch. The level of trust alone humbled me. Swan was such a complicated mixture of vulnerable and fierce. Determination filled every inch of her fragile little body and as fragile as she seemed, she wasn’t.

Maybe I hadn’t wanted to see it before, but it was unmistakable now. The world had beaten her over and over. Tried to subdue her. Threatened to break her. But she never conceded the fight. She kept moving. One foot in front of the other.

Even that bastard Eric. Fuck, if I could kill him all over again, I would. The months of injuries we’d put him through until he was so broken he’d never have recovered would have to suffice. Cutting his dick off and shoving it down his throat after he admitted he’d raped her was the very least we could have done.

It was better than the alternative.

Those words haunted me. That she was safer on the road. So what did that mean at home? That money was useful, but it didn’t make up for time lost with people who really cared.

More—with people you could trust.

That word carried the weight of the world.

The weight closed in on me when she’d said she trusted me. All these months of the ferocious way she fought back against us. Pushed to find a way out. Demanded to know why we’d kidnapped her and all I’d been able to say was we took her to protect her.

“What—what was your plan then?” she’d asked not an hour ago. “You took me because I was hurt. But then what?”

Hating the fact I couldn’t tell her the exact why, I had to admit, “I didn’t have a plan. I just had to protect you. To keep you safe. To heal all those wounds you had.” I brushed the hair from her face as I spoke and the corners of her lips turned up. Her flushed skin looked almost rosy in the firelight and the puffiness of her lips just made me hungry to kiss her again. This was how she should always look and feel. Replete. Happy. Free to ask for whatever she wanted.

And fuck, I’d give her everything.

I’d meant it when I said I hadn’t brought her here for sex. Sure, I’d thought about it. But after she had that moment before, I was determined to take my time.

“That doesn’t seem like you,” she murmured and then tapped my nose. “You like being in charge.”

“No,” I admitted. “I really don’t. I like getting things done. But I’m more of a kick in the door kind of guy. I see the short-term gains, the defenses, the offense. The bigger picture, the long-term? That isn’t my specialty.”

“And yet you are so determined to protect the others. You plan for them.”

“I do my best,” I told her. Even when my best wasn’t enough. I’d pressed my forehead to hers. “Are you still mad at me for taking you?” Because she had every right.

“No.” Her nose brushed mine. “I still don’t understand it fully. Like how you guys were all working the show and how Kestrel was my driver. I know you took me because Eric hurt me.”

Fuck I never wanted that asshole’s name on her lips again and I’d kissed her then. The desire to erase him from her mind and her past was so intense, I didn’t even finish that part of the discussion. When I rolled onto my back and slid her down onto my cock, it was everything.

More when she threw her head back and braced her hands on my shoulders as she controlled the pace, I would have given her everything. I surged up to meet the downward thrust of her hips, captivated by the way her nipples tensed and tightened. The drowsy look of pleasure suffusing her eyes as she tipped her head down had me straining upward until I could suck on one of those nipples.

It took an hour of lazy thrusts combined with sudden manic action, but she came four more times before I let go. We lay in a sweaty heap together and I’d cradled her to my chest until she’d climbed off to make use of the bathroom.

The fact my cum ran down her legs as she walked filled me with such possessiveness that I had to admit it—even if she asked me to let her go now—I’d follow her. No matter where she went. I had to be there. I’d prefer if she stayed.

Even if it meant sharing her with Vaughn.

Anger flooded through me and I clenched my fists. The moment my knuckles began to whiten, I took my hands away from her. I would never touch her in anger. I would never be my father. If she needed Vaughn, then she could have him. Rome made her smile. Freddie made her laugh. Kellan guided her and in their unguarded moments, there was no denying the connection growing there.

She fit us.

All of us.

Rolling onto my back, I stared up at the ceiling. Kel was right. We had to tell her. Tell her and tell Raptor. But I wanted to talk to him first. He’d kept his distance for a reason and I’d dragged her back into our world for a reason, too.

Turning the ideas over in my head, I couldn’t find an easy solution to all of this. Raptor would be furious. She might not believe us. Then again—she seemed happier, maybe? In the last few weeks. Happier than I’d seen her at all during the show.

The smiles reached her eyes.

The ease with which she moved around the clubhouse.

Even the threats, she’d taken them in stride.


Those were still out there. Someone had cut her silks. Someone had tried to run her and Kestrel over in the parking garage. Then Eric assaulted her. I didn’t think the third had anything to do with the first two. We’d removed her from the situation, but new threats had popped up.

The guys at the body shop had come for her specifically. Someone knew we had her or someone suspected.

The question was…

Movement next to me pulled all my attention to the present. Emersyn rolled over to face me and I moved to my side to face her.

“Hi,” she whispered.

“Hey,” I answered in the same quiet tone.

When she traced her finger over my forehead then down my cheek to my chin, I studied her. The stroke of her fingers against my beard made me smile.

“There you are…”


“You looked so angry. I worried I’d done something wrong.”

Guilt hit me like a fist. “Swan, you could never do anything to make me angry at you.”

“Hmm.” She wrinkled her nose, clearly skeptical. “Somehow, I bet I could. You’re very hard headed and stubborn. Despite what you said earlier, you do like being in charge.”  

A startled laugh escaped, but I didn’t try to haul it back. “That I do…and I suppose if you really worked at it, you could make me angry. But I will never hold it against you and I swear, I will never hurt you.”

An image of my father burst through my mind and the violence he could deal out. I shoved it away. That ugliness would never touch her.

Nothing would.

Not as long as I was breathing.

“There it is again,” she whispered, this time so close to me her breath teased my lips. “Stop thinking about whatever that is or tell me, so we can get rid of it together.”

“I’ll stop.” Because telling her would let that ugliness into her world and when she brushed her lips to mine, I slid my fingers into her hair to keep her there. Long, slow, drugging kisses were just what I needed.

Emersyn Sharpe was in my blood.

My addiction.

My intoxication.

I never wanted to be cured.

© 2021 Heather Long

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