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Bonus Scene: Perspective, a bonus scene for Savage Vandal

Congratulations on reaching 300 reviews on Savage Vandal! I appreciate it so much! So maybe that should read “thank you!” So, thank you for reading Emersyn and the Vandals’ story. Thank you for rooting for them. Thank you even more for loving Freddie. Especially Stephanie Heinritz, hot dogs and all.


It was late when I got back to the clubhouse. Juggling two different jobs had seemed like a good idea at the time. Paying off debts while not hitting up the guys or having to listen to anyone tell me to go to college was the goal. The problem with two jobs was they paid shit for wages, bored the fuck out of me, and meant I got like no goddamn sleep.

Lack of sleep, in turn, meant that when I got pulled over for losing lane position on my way home—bear in fucking mind no one else was on the damn street—I’d forgotten my wallet with my license in it and I’d borrowed one of the extra cars and there was no insurance in the glove box.

Instead of cutting me a break, the pig made me get out and walk a straight fucking line. Like I was drunk or stoned. I wished. Apparently, wrong thing to say. Who knew the dude didn’t have a sense of humor? Which was the roundabout way the car got impounded and my ass ended up in jail.

A place the pricks I call my brothers fucking left me. Asses.

Of all the fucking people to bail me out, Liam had been the last one I pictured showing up. He didn’t even say anything. Just ordered me to get in the car and follow him. After he bought me dinner, he sent me back to the clubhouse.

That was that.

Well, that and he told me I needed to shower cause I smelled like shit. Three days in a fucking jail cell would do that. I made a beeline for my own room as soon as I was back. Granted, I didn’t usually care what most people thought but when I was beginning to offend myself, there was definitely a problem.

A shit, shower, shave, and shampoo and I was damn near a new man. I even shaved back the sides of my hair. The dye I’d thrown in it to cover up the purple I’d fucked around with had left it this dull ugly ass brown. Maybe I should shave the whole thing off.

I’d just finished brushing my teeth when doors slammed down the hallway. Hawk’s roar was not an unfamiliar sound. At least it wasn’t me on his shit list. I mean, I probably was on his shit list, but it wasn’t my door he slammed open. Curiosity, however, had me wandering out and following the snarled sounds of Hawk ripping into someone.

The thump of fists and the sound of bodies crashing into a wall weren’t that unusual either. We all fought. Some of us more than others.

Some of us a lot more than others. A headache brewed behind my eyes and my stomach growled. They didn’t know I was here yet. I could just go back and eat my food and crash out to some music for a few hours. Pretty sure I had a couple of downers hidden away. They’d make sure I got some sleep.

“Don’t fucking touch her.” Definitely Hawk.

“Are you trying to hurt her?” Holy shit. Doc? I frowned at the answering growl in Doc’s voice. Doc never snarled at anyone.

Well, Hawk did cause Hawk could be a dick to just about everyone. Except me—for the most part.

“She’s all skin and bones and bruises. I don’t want to do anything to her.”


Jail had meant I’d missed going to the show and I hadn’t been there to back Hawk up nor had I gotten to see her. Was she here? No, they wouldn’t bring her here?

Would they?

I followed the sounds of the fighting into Kellan’s room. The door to the little room between his and Rome’s was open.

“You want to think about that, Jasper,” Doc said in a calm voice as I nudged the door a little wider. Oh, Jasper had a gun tucked under Doc’s jaw.

That was bad.

It could be worse. He could have fired the gun already. Then I glanced past the two to the gorgeous girl standing in the doorway. Bruised. Battered. Pale as a ghost. Dark hair and huge dark eyes.



It was her.

“Did I miss the party invite?” I asked, the grin as automatic as breathing. Get everyone’s attention on me and maybe they wouldn’t kill each other. Still, I didn’t look at the dick measuring contest. Jasper was the biggest prick of us all, dick size notwithstanding. If he wasn’t distracted and soon, he might actually shoot Doc and that would suck for all of us. So I latched my gaze on the bruised beauty. Why was she so fucking hurt? “Well hello, gorgeous. I definitely missed the party invite, or I’d have been right up to see you. You’re looking a little rough. The guys do like to throw their girls around, get all dominant and shit. Now me? I’m a slow and easy ride, I’ll take you real gentle like.”

I kind of wanted to wrap her up in a blanket and just cuddle her. Maybe give her an aspirin. Why the fuck were they fighting over her?

“Freddie, fuck right the hell off,” Jasper snarled. “She is not here for your entertainment.”

“Well, no shit, Boss, I can see that. Though I think you should be a little easier on the ladies. Just ’cause we pay ’em don’t mean we need to slap them around.”

Yep. That got their attention. They both whirled on me and I grinned. Seriously, assholes, she was shivering so hard she looked almost blue under the bruises and her poor little nipples were puckered almost painfully. The fact she had that smooth pussy was sweet, but again, why weren’t they looking after her?

What the fuck could be so important they were fighting while she looked like that? Maybe I should take her back to my room. I could at least feed her half my sandwich.

Maybe all of it.

“Out of curiosity, do you laser or wax?” I asked when Thing One and Thing Two didn’t do anything but glare at me. “I mean, that’s the smoothest pussy I’ve seen in a long time.”

Some of the fear in her eyes vanished and she stared at me like I’d sprouted a second head. I could have, I supposed, but I kind of objected to hitting on women who looked like they’d been through hell.

Besides—she was—she was her.

“Put some fucking clothes on,” Jasper snapped at her. Wow, he sucked. Or maybe he was just horny and hating himself. Either way, dick move bro. Dick move. She gave him a look that made me grin. Oh, there was a fighter in there.

I liked her already.

“Yeah, you do whatever you want, Boo-Boo,” I told her, still grinning. “I don’t think I’d want to put on clothes over any of that, either. If you want, I can just shuck my clothes, then we can be naked together. Solidarity.”

Her laugh was a goddamn gift. Still she wasn’t that steady on her feet and I started forward. So had Doc, but Jasper cut us both off.

“For fuck’s sake,” he snarled as he grabbed her bag and tossed it on the bed before giving me a shove. “Get out. You too.”

“I think I’ll wait.” Doc told him coolly. “I still need to rewrap her ankle and she needs help…”

If looks could kill, these two would have obliterated each other already. “I could help,” I said just as Jasper shoved me back into Kellan’s room. The other two were glaring at each other. Vaughn appeared in the open doorway to the hall and he glanced at me then the door.

When I made a face, he rolled his eyes but he didn’t slow down as he strolled in there. I blew out a breath as Vaughn just took over and ignored all of them. Boo-Boo took all of his focus and I sagged. Fuck me, I was gonna go eat. Then I’d sneak back in and see if she needed anything.

I barely made it to the hall before Jasper and Doc came barreling out. The two of them glared at me, but Jasper at least gave me a once over and just muttered later before the two of them took their argument somewhere else.

Fine by me.

Back in my room, I closed the door and walked over to the bed. The burger and fries were both cold when I opened the wrapping, but I didn’t care. Food was food. I ate it as I lay there on the bed and I stared up at the poster on the ceiling. It was one of her flying in silks. I’d gotten it from one of the gift shops by the theater. I’d planned to save it for Raptor, but I’d pinned it to my ceiling instead.

No matter how long I stared at that ethereal girl on the ceiling, I couldn’t reconcile it with the bruised and battered Boo-Boo in the other room. Nor did I like how much of myself I saw in her eyes. I shoved the food into my mouth and reached over to the nightstand. There were a couple of pills in a little envelope taped up against the lid. Harder to find.

I popped them both.

I’d need them.

The last thing I wanted to see was where that darkness went. Right now, I’d take whatever escape I could get.

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