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Bonus Scene: Possessive a bonus Kellan PoV for Brutal Fighter

For this one, we’re getting a glimpse inside Kellan’s head in and around a certain set of scenes. Clearly, if you haven’t read Brutal Fighter, there are going to be some spoilers here.


Sleep proved elusive, but then I wasn’t particularly interested in pursuing it at the moment. I had Sparrow in my bed. A sated, sprawling Sparrow held me captive. The low light softened her features even more. What captivated me was how relaxed she’d gone.

The wariness she wore like body armor and the careful expressions meant to guard her heart were also absent. On the one hand, it made her seem painfully young and yet…

With care, I stroked a hand down her cheek and she rolled into me, tucking her head against my shoulder as I slid an arm around her. The absolute trust in her seeking me out while she was asleep shackled me in place.

I’d sooner cut off my arm than disturb her. The hush of her breathing against my skin was almost a balm for the bloodied scrapes inside my soul.

The last few months had been… brutal.

I meant it when I’d told her she never needed to trade her body for comfort. Wanting her in my bed was a no brainer, but I wanted her fully-informed and aware of the power she wielded.

Then, and only then, I would accept it if she chose to give herself to me. I didn’t blame Vaughn or Jasper for their choices. Not when her fiery stubbornness merely disguised the vulnerable young woman beneath.

A vulnerable abused woman at that. No, I didn’t blame them for rushing into relationships with her. She pushed and they pushed back, but she also used sex to hide. That meant we needed to be more careful.

Or at least I needed to be more careful. I wanted to know everything about her, every morsel she would share. The darkness didn’t frighten me in the least. We’d all been forged in blood and fire, some of us more literally than others.

It made me grateful that she’d had Lainey, because friends like her—like my brothers in the Vandals—they were rare and doubly precious. So many fights Sparrow had fought alone.

Not anymore.

“Hmm…you’re awake,” she said with a groan and I stroked her hair back from her face.

“Shh,” I soothed. “Sleep.”

With light fingers, she walked up my chest and traced my lips. I caught the hand and kissed her fingers, then her palm before tucking the hand to my chest.

“Sleep,” I repeated, continuing to pet her hair until her breathing slowed and evened out. Her trust was so precious to me.

Fuck, she was precious to me. Precious to all of us.

When she was ready to give me every detail, we would take the time to get her the vengeance and justice she richly deserved.

We would burn the world of her abusers and they would bleed for her.

They would know the fear and suffering.

Anger coiled in me like a viper ready to strike. We would take what she was owed.

Possessiveness swept through me as I pressed my lips to the crown of her head. Our girl. Our Sparrow.


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