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Bonus Scene: Turtlenecks and Teasing, an alternate PoV for Hangovers and Holidays

So, here’s a quick look at the Ski Lessons from Jake’s PoV and why he and Archie decided to take over with Frankie. *winks* Enjoy your bonus PoV from Hangovers and Holidays. Woot to hitting those review goals.


The sky was vivid blue, the air crisp, and the snow fantastic. From the moment Archie mentioned this trip, I’d been dying to get out on the slopes. Okay, I’d been dying to be with Frankie and get out on the slopes. First things first, get Coop and Frankie a ski lesson. “You guys don’t have to stay,” Frankie said, grinning. She looked fan-fucking-tastic in the red ski clothes. Honestly, she looked good in them and even better out of them, but I was definitely enjoying the view.

“We’re fine, Babe,” Archie told her. “Besides, we want to be here.”

Coop smirked at us. “Right, you just want to hang out.” Yeah, he got it. We wanted the time with her. Besides, I also wanted a good look at the instructor to make sure he had some clue of what he or she was doing. No one was risking my baby girl.

I resisted the urge to flip him off. Jerkface should appreciate the fact we were looking out for him too.

“Hey there—I’m looking for Coop and Frankie?” At the sound of the guy’s voice, I pivoted to see the college guy staring at my girl with a hint of pleasure in his eyes.

Oh. Fuck. No.

“I’m Frankie,” she said, taking his hand as he offered it. “This is Coop.”

Coop just lifted his chin in hello. Okay the guy shook her hand super brief and she had her gloves on. We could do this.

“Great. Neither of you have skied before?” He double-checked then glanced down at their booted feet. “Okay, we’ll start with the skis and go from there.” He gave Frankie a fucking once over.

Bubba gripped my shoulder.

“Right, let’s get you both outfitted.” He shot us a grin. “You boys joining us?”

“Oh, we’ll be following,” Archie told him. “Lead the way.”

Good plan, get him going first. Instead, he fell into step with Frankie as he took her over to the ski hut. The whole time he got them kitted up, I glared.

“Dude, you’ve got serial killer eyes,” Bubba told me.

“I’m keeping an eye on our girl.” And on the guy who was right on her there walking her through putting her skis on and off. Frankie wasn’t an idiot. Nor was Coop. But he repeatedly walked them through locking the skis on and getting them off—including using their ski poles to trigger the release.

We headed out together and he walked them through putting their skis on and then went over the basics. I kept my arms folded and my gaze pinned on him as he explained wedging and turns. They walked up the half little bump—at the base of the bunny slope and to the side—put on their skis and then had them ski down.

“It’s all about momentum. Downhill skiing means gravity does a lot of the work, but you also have to control your descent. Wedge, wedge… that’s better.” After a few passes at that, he directed them over to the rope pull to head up to the top of the slope. Frankie shot us a nervous look and I summoned a smile.

That died right about the time the asshole—Josh—skied up to her where she struggled with the rope and braced her as he gripped the rope and up they went.

“Did he just…”

“He sure the fuck did.”

“Guys,” Bubba said. “Take it easy, she was having trouble. He just helped her.”

That was fine. I dropped my skis into the snow and stepped into them. Archie was doing the same, Mister Handsy needed to keep them to himself. If she needed help on the rope pull that would be us. Frankie and Coop came flying down the hill. Coop had the wedge but Frankie nearly crashed. I winced for her, but she was laughing.

Before we could get to her, Josh was there giving her hand. “Okay, beautiful, I can tell you what you did wrong. Can you?”

She grinned. “I thought I was wedging, but I couldn’t angle them right.”

“You just have to engage your ass and there’s gonna be a pull down your thighs and you shift your weight to the outside of your feet as you angle the ski tips together. Don’t cross them.”

He stood right behind her, hands on her hips as he urged her to lean in a little.

“And I’m done,” I said bluntly as I headed over.

“Me too.” Archie was right behind me. Bubba, it should be noted, didn’t object.

“Tell you what, Josh,” I began as I reached them. “You focus on Coop and Arch and I will take over with Frankie.”

She blinked at me with a frown. “Guys, I didn’t do that bad.”

“You didn’t do bad at all, Babe,” Archie assured her but Josh took a hot minute to get his hands off her hips. He backed off, hands raised. He better back the fuck off. He should retreat to the other side of the damn mountain.

“Come on, Baby Girl. You get two skill teachers for the cost of one.” I grinned at her, but she just rolled her eyes.

“I can get this wedging thing down.”

“You absolutely can,” I assured her and Archie and I got her moving back to the rope pull. I helped her go up this time and she glanced at me.

“Are you mad?”

“Nope,” I promised. I wasn’t. Not anymore.

“You look kind of mad.”

I grinned. “See? Not mad.”

“Uh huh.”

Arch and I spent the next few minutes taking turns with her. Wedging took a couple of passes. Experience was the best instructor. Way better than Josh and his wandering eyes and hands. If he looked at her ass one more time…

“Woot! I did it.” Pleasure flooded Frankie’s voice and I shot a look over to find her holding her arms up. Fuck, I missed it.

“Okay, let’s do it again,” I said and tried to put Josh out of my mind. I wasn’t missing another thing with my girl. Mr. Turtleneck was way too preppy. I bet we could strangle him and that turtleneck would hide it all.

“You’re growling,” Frankie said as I braced her and gripped the rope tow to get us up there. She kept struggling. Arch, Bubba, and I took turns helping her. Josh wasn’t putting his hands on her again. Not unless he wanted me to rip them off.

“You’re hawt,” I retorted. “Makes me hungry.” Then I growled against her ear and she burst out laughing.

There we go. Much better. 

© 2021 Heather Long

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