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FAQ Category: About the Books

Wait, was Frankie in a coma for “months” in Defiance and Dedication or not?

At the end of Chapter 1, of Defiance and Dedication, Frankie hears the guys and Coop is suddenly not in the room and it’s not a room, but a curtained cubicle, it’s revealed that it’s a concussion dream. But she doesn’t address it totally. that was why it “seemed” she was in a coma for months, but really wasn’t.


Will Rachel be getting her own series?

Absolutely! I do have a series planned for her. Currently it’s a matter of scheduling and time. As soon as it’s on the calendar, I’ll be sharing it with you!

What is a review challenge?

Review challenges began in Heather’s reader group in 2019 with bonus scenes being offered for every 100 reviews. Currently, review challenges earn bonus scenes for releases beginning at 500 reviews, at 1000 reviews, then for every 1000 reviews after that. (i.e. 1st bonus scene at 500 reviews, 2nd at 1000, 3rd at 2000, etc.)

Why can’t I find a certain book/series on your website?

The following titles have been retired from publication:

The Royal series will be re-released, likely sometime in in 2023 with new covers and updated edits.

  • Some Like It Royal
  • Some Like It Scandalous
  • Some Like It Deadly

The Boomers novella has been retired for the time being.

  • Yesterday’s Heroes

These titles were retired from Susan Stoker’s world and will be re-released in late 2023 with updated edits.

  • Securing Arizona
  • Guarding Gertrude
  • Protecting Pilar
  • Covering Coco