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Featured: Bookshelf 3

Kiss of Fate

Judgment walked into a bar…

Sounds cliche, right? Yet, Seth was Judgment when he walked into Sinner’s for one purpose—keep an eye on his fallen brothers Zhan and Tarus. Only, what he found was the object of his brothers’ attention, a beautiful woman whose dark destiny loomed over her like a shadow ready to snuff out her light.

He’s wanted his brothers back for endless centuries, but they will not be moved. Yet something about this woman moves them and for the first time in his existence, Seth gives in to impulse.

Fate is not kind…

All I’ve ever wanted was to do the right thing. To show compassion to others. To take care of them. Yet, no matter what I’ve done, I end up here at the base of a set of stairs after a punishing fall threatens to rob me of my life. Trapped in my broken body, I lay at the feet of an angel.

I almost died. I say almost because a moment before my last breath, Judgment found me. I don’t know what he saw in me but with one kiss, he changed me irrevocably. So I’ll help him extract punishment on his brothers for a chance to live even a short bit longer.

They better be ready for me, because I plan to make the most of this second life, no matter how short it is.