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Bay Ridge Royals Now on Audio!

January 26, 2024

Here we go! While Shamelessly Loyal actually released as part of a charity anthology last year, it was released as a standalone in September to be followed up immediately by Battle Lines. Shamelessly Loyal, of course, is a novella that serves both as a bridge for books 4 and 5 of the 82nd Street Vandals and details what Lainey and Milo were doing during those books. It’s also a good base to jump into the rest of the Bay Ridge Royals series as a whole. Book 2, Battle Lines, picks up after the end of the major events in the 82nd Street Vandals.

As a “true” sequel of sorts, we elected to keep all the voices from the Vandals audio books largely because our entire cast of characters were introduced in the Vandals. Do you have to read Vandals first? No. Will you enjoy a deeper understanding? Yes. It’s been my goal from the beginning to make this series as accessible as possible. That said, yes, there’s a lot of crossover between the two series.

Fortunately, Vandals is complete and is also available on audio (and the audio is complete). So if you want to start with the 82nd Street Vandals, head right over Savage Vandal. That would be your starting point.

If you’re ready for the Bay Ridge Royals, you start with Shamelessly Loyal!

As always, I am a huge fan of the multi-cast that works together with the fantastic producers at Audio Sorceress to create this wonderful experience. What a great release week for the Bay Ridge Royals, book 3, Deceptive Truce just released and now we have the first two books in audio! Happy reading!

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