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News & Updates

Gear up for a pulse-pounding thrill ride with Talk to Me

May 30, 2024

She’s their operator, their switchboard, their eyes in the sky and on the ground. She’s their lifeline. And when she goes missing, they become hers. Dive into the heart of the action and experience the rush of Talk to Me today.

I am so incredibly excited to share Talk to Me with you. These characters utterly consumed me. The Switchboard Duet was nowhere on my writing schedule this year until one day, it was just there, whispering in my ear. I could hear the characters coming to life. Not only were they “talking” to me, they wouldn’t shut up. I had to start writing as soon as possible so I could also work on other things. What the muse wants, sometimes, you have to let the muse get. This book demanded to be written. The next book in the duet, Don’t Let Go, is waiting patiently—so far. I imagine I’ll be elbows deep by the time you are reading this.

What I loved most about these characters was how their dialogue told me so much about them. How tied to each other they are. How involved. Also—just how many secrets they each have. I want to peel them apart, layer by layer, and get to know every aspect of them. Don’t miss the exciting adventure starting today!


Shaking my head, I clicked over to McQuade’s call. “Talk to me, big boy.” I put a little drawl on the endearment.

“No one else I’d rather talk to, sugar bear,” he fired back, snappy and sassy.

A snort of laughter escaped me. “You win.”

He chuckled. “Damn, you gave in almost too fast. There’s no fun if you don’t make me work for it.”

“Next time,” I promised, my cheeks aching from my smile. Thankfully, I hadn’t choked on my tea. “But that was a good one.”

“Well, since I won and you seem to like it so much, Sugar Bear, we’ll go with it.”

I rolled my eyes, but didn’t argue. After all, he had won. “So, what are we doing?” I managed a sip of my tea without inhaling it or spitting it over my keyboard. “Your request didn’t go into a lot of details—just, you needed to talk to me.”

“Can’t a guy want to talk to his sugar bear?”

“Keep it up, big boy,” I teased. “Sure, you can, but if we’re just gonna log in to play a game somewhere, I need to switch headphones.”

“Hmm… there’s something sexy about imagining you plowing through the bad guys in Fortnight.”

“I prefer Halo, though the new Fallout was pretty damn sexy too.”

“Sugar Bear, keep talking to me all gamer-like, it’s turning me on.”

The Ante is High, Don’t Miss the Desperate Victory Cover Reveal

May 28, 2024

Can you believe we’re here? It’s the final book in the Bay Ridge Royals saga. It feels crazy on so many levels to be here, and at the same time, I can’t wait to share the epic conclusion to the story of Lainey, Milo, Adam, Ezra, and Bodhi.

We will be setting a brand new release date as soon as the book is finalized, I’m still shooting for the end of June! In the meanwhile, be sure to check out the exclusive excerpt on the Desperate Victory page and don’t forget to pre-order today!

Grandfather tried to prepare me for everything…

Yet, how could anyone prepare me for this?






The Royals have always been about blood. Blood lines, blood relations, and the spilling of blood. I didn’t ask for this war. I didn’t go looking for it.

But I will let nothing and no one keep me from the men I love and we will find what was taken from us. No one will ever steal from us again.

They say desperation makes for strange bedfellows, fortunately, the men in my bed are far more dangerous to everyone else.

It’s time for a change in leadership, one way or another, the Bay Ridge Royals are going down in flames. Once it’s all ashes—then we can rebuild.

Your Book Boyfriends Are Back!

May 14, 2024

Today is the day,  the arrival of the penultimate book in the Bay Ridge Royals series. It’s both a thrill and a little nostalgic. How can we be so close to the end?
Then I remember, we met Milo, Adam, and Ezra all the way back in the beginning of Vandals. Lainey snuck in a few messages but actually walked onto the pages in present day in Dirty Devil the same book that brought us Bodhi.

If you add it all up, this book is more than thirteen books in the making. Thirteen is my favorite number!

Buckle up, hydrate, and get ready because it’s a wild ride from here to the very end.

Are you ready? They are.

Surprise Cover Reveal: Talk to Me!

May 6, 2024

Nothing like a Monday pick-me-up via a surprise cover reveal for book 1 of The Switchboard Duet.  Talk to Me is currently scheduled for release at the end of June. I’d like to move it up to May, and we’re close. So with that in mind, here’s your first look at the cover.  Designed by Cat at TRC Designs, she captured exactly what I could “see” in my head.

Do you love suspense, romance, and spy thriller-esque shenanigans? Then this is the duet for you.

“Patch online…”

Five years ago, I disappeared from the life I had and built this one. I spend my days, and most of my nights, on the line helping my clients achieve their goals. They call me when they are in a jam or are getting ready to move on a target.

I’m their information specialist.

The woman in the chair.

I’m their switchboard.

Intelligence, electronic eyes, computer hacking—I do it all. My singular goal, bring my clients home safely. Some clients are more special than others. We all play favorites. I know them, they’ve never seen me.

No one sees me.

They can hear me. They can talk to me.

I will always answer.

Until the day I don’t.

Frankie and the guys are back…

April 25, 2024

Today is the day! Frankie and the guys are the people.

Returning to the Untouchable world was like going home again, familiar, warm, and a hug I didn’t know I needed. At the same time, they were older, more experienced, settled into the bonds of their relationship in a way they probably couldn’t have ever imagined all those years ago.

Will this be the last book for them forever? I don’t know. Never say never. At the same time, we will see Frankie and the guys in Rachel’s series. We may see them pop up elsewhere.

The shouting. The chaos. The love. It was perfect. It is perfect.

I have also included every bonus scene for the rest of the books in the series. Some have introductions, some are self-explanatory, but so many of you reached out and wanted to be able to pick these up and have them on your kindle with the rest of the series.

As I said in the foreword of Farewells and Forever, Frankie and the guys have more than earned their happily ever after. Theirs will always be a work in progress

Happily ever after is never the end of the story, and this Hellos and Happily Ever Afters is exactly that. It’s the continuation of the big moments and the small.


Hello Trouble… Violent Chaos Cover Reveal

April 17, 2024

Serriously… Hello Trouble! There’s a reason Lainey gave Bodhi this nickname and in the upcoming Bay Ridge Royals installment, he more than proves why it fits him so well.

So with the cover reveal, we get a brand new release date of May 14th! Don’t forget to pre-order today!

Our cover artist Stephanie Heinritz from Vicious Desires Design has outdone herself and I can’t thank photographer Michelle Lancaster enough for finding the perfect Bodhi in model Morgan Waterhouse.

I’ve never seen the point in an emotional connection…

Madness runs in my blood or so my family history would suggest. For more than thirteen years, I’ve been driven by one quest. One desire. One goal. It’s about more than just DNA and legacy, it’s about a promise. One I swore I would never give up…

I never could have planned for her. For Lainey B. For how the girl who kept my secret became a woman who is truly my partner. I’ve been running alone for so long, I didn’t think I could be with someone.

She’s perfect for me.

She fits me.

I don’t even mind that she comes with attachments. They’re hers, that makes them mine too.

Now, someone has made a mistake. They’ve targeted what is ours—what is mine.

They have no idea the hell I will unleash.

But they are going to find out.

New on Audio: Deceptive Truce

March 27, 2024

Deceptive Truce, an enemies-to-lovers and dark romance, is now available on audio with the fantastic multi-cast narration from Brooke Daniels, Adam Gold, Noel Harrison and Toby Scott and produced by Audio Sorceress.

“Telling myself one taste would have to be enough even when I knew it never could be is just another deception I sold myself on this trail of disaster.”

If you’ve just discovered Bay Ridge Royals, you start with Shamelessly Loyal!  Bay Ridge Royals is a follow-up and spinoff of characters first introduced in 82nd Street Vandals. Fortunately, Vandals is complete and is also available on audio (and the audio is complete). So if you want to start with Vandals, head right over Savage Vandal.

Happy listening!



Hellos and Happily Ever Afters Cover Reveal

March 25, 2024

Their love story has always been a work in progress. 

Frankie and the guys return in a brand-new installment for the Untouchable series as we revisit them post Farewells and Forever.

Save the Date for April 25, 2024.

For my beautiful children, you love to hear the stories of how Mommy met your Daddy, Dad, Pop, and Papa. You love the funny stories about fighting that Daddy should never have told you or the stories about dancing that Papa teases me with or how Dad coaxed me into singing with him. Pop says your favorite stories are the ones that tell you we are human, that we love, and have loved, and will always love you.

I get that. Family means security and safety. It means having people in your corner always. It means companions on the journey to chase your dreams and helping them achieve theirs.

Hello seems like such a simple word, my darlings. But every hello that led me to your fathers is also the beginning of the happily ever after we’re building every day. You’re a part of it, Izzy, Josh, Charlie and our new arrival. You are the continuation of the story, our work in progress—our happily ever after.

Are you ready to hear what happens next?

Wicked Surrender Made Me Laugh…and Cry!

March 19, 2024

As I type this up to say Wicked Surrender is now live, I’m amazed by the fact that I am well on the way toward finishing Violent Chaos (Book 5) and that only leaves Desperate Victory (Book 6) to go.

In many ways it feels like I just started this series and yet, I’ve been immersed in this world for years. The roots of this series go back to Vandals, but maybe even further back than you realize.

I’ve been planning BRR since late 2020, early 2021. Even before Savage Vandal released.

The long road from there to here, folded in a lot of changes, shifted the landscape, offered new alliances, unexpected twists, and even more surprising characters (yes, I’m looking at you Bodhi).

What began is Lainey’s story, has inextricably become all of theirs and I am so eager to share the rest with you.

Yes, I ask this every time, but are you ready?

P.S. Deceptive Truce audio will be uploaded soon, so stay tuned for more details!

Are you ready for Wicked Surrender?

February 7, 2024

Today is the day, the Wicked Surrender cover reveal is here. As with Ezra before him, I knew we’d found Adam from the first glance at this image.   Photographer Michelle Lancaster is always fantastic to work with and she can find exactly what I’m looking for. Model Andy Murray is a whole vibe unto himself and our goddess of art and covers, Stephanie Heinritz at Vicious Desires Design brings the magic together.

Releasing March 19th, Wicked Surrender is book 4 of 6 in the Bay Ridge Royals. 

Every moment of my life was planned out before birth…

Family legacy dictates everything from type of education to suitability of friends to eligible marriage opportunities to the type of business I’m expected to go pursue. It’s more than just DNA, it’s also about birth order, gender, and unfortunately—the family name.

I was born a Reed and the weight that carries isn’t limited to the doors that it opens, but also the ones it bars shut. When I was tapped for the Royals, I saw my first way out—but it only proved to be a deeper trap.

Every single move I’ve made has been to tear us all free from King, from our parents, from our families—but there is no way out. There is only through.
We can’t break away, we have to take over.

Lies, betrayal, family.

The only woman I’ve ever loved is a the center of the board, courted and pursued on all sides by new players and old. There can be no truce.

My best friend? He’s lost his damn mind, avoiding me, and agreeing to plans he swore had long since fallen by the wayside.

Yet here we are. He’s surrendered.

I refuse to accept that.

I refuse to accept it for her, for him, or for us.

If the only way out is to destroy everyone in our path—then that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

WICKED SURRENDER is a full-length mature dark, new adult romance with enemies-to-lovers/love-hate themes. Please be aware some situations may be uncomfortable for readers. Trigger warnings can be found in the foreword should you require them. This is book four in a six book series that is a why choose with multiple new adults exploring and coming to terms with their evolving sexuality, identities, and relationships.