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New on Audio: Deceptive Truce

March 27, 2024

Deceptive Truce, an enemies-to-lovers and dark romance, is now available on audio with the fantastic multi-cast narration from Brooke Daniels, Adam Gold, Noel Harrison and Toby Scott and produced by Audio Sorceress.

“Telling myself one taste would have to be enough even when I knew it never could be is just another deception I sold myself on this trail of disaster.”

If you’ve just discovered Bay Ridge Royals, you start with Shamelessly Loyal!  Bay Ridge Royals is a follow-up and spinoff of characters first introduced in 82nd Street Vandals. Fortunately, Vandals is complete and is also available on audio (and the audio is complete). So if you want to start with Vandals, head right over Savage Vandal.

Happy listening!



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