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Gear up for a pulse-pounding thrill ride with Talk to Me

May 30, 2024

She’s their operator, their switchboard, their eyes in the sky and on the ground. She’s their lifeline. And when she goes missing, they become hers. Dive into the heart of the action and experience the rush of Talk to Me today.

I am so incredibly excited to share Talk to Me with you. These characters utterly consumed me. The Switchboard Duet was nowhere on my writing schedule this year until one day, it was just there, whispering in my ear. I could hear the characters coming to life. Not only were they “talking” to me, they wouldn’t shut up. I had to start writing as soon as possible so I could also work on other things. What the muse wants, sometimes, you have to let the muse get. This book demanded to be written. The next book in the duet, Don’t Let Go, is waiting patiently—so far. I imagine I’ll be elbows deep by the time you are reading this.

What I loved most about these characters was how their dialogue told me so much about them. How tied to each other they are. How involved. Also—just how many secrets they each have. I want to peel them apart, layer by layer, and get to know every aspect of them. Don’t miss the exciting adventure starting today!


Shaking my head, I clicked over to McQuade’s call. “Talk to me, big boy.” I put a little drawl on the endearment.

“No one else I’d rather talk to, sugar bear,” he fired back, snappy and sassy.

A snort of laughter escaped me. “You win.”

He chuckled. “Damn, you gave in almost too fast. There’s no fun if you don’t make me work for it.”

“Next time,” I promised, my cheeks aching from my smile. Thankfully, I hadn’t choked on my tea. “But that was a good one.”

“Well, since I won and you seem to like it so much, Sugar Bear, we’ll go with it.”

I rolled my eyes, but didn’t argue. After all, he had won. “So, what are we doing?” I managed a sip of my tea without inhaling it or spitting it over my keyboard. “Your request didn’t go into a lot of details—just, you needed to talk to me.”

“Can’t a guy want to talk to his sugar bear?”

“Keep it up, big boy,” I teased. “Sure, you can, but if we’re just gonna log in to play a game somewhere, I need to switch headphones.”

“Hmm… there’s something sexy about imagining you plowing through the bad guys in Fortnight.”

“I prefer Halo, though the new Fallout was pretty damn sexy too.”

“Sugar Bear, keep talking to me all gamer-like, it’s turning me on.”

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