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Deceptive Truce is here! What else is coming in 2024?

January 23, 2024

Happy New Year! And welcome to our first release of 2024. I can’t tell you how excited I am to kick off this year. I have so much going on and a lot of plans to share with you.

Deceptive Truce is book three in the Bay Ridge Royals. I am utterly in love with this series and it’s been pouring out of me. These characters are so vibrant, strong-willed, and honestly—a little bit crazy. Okay, some of them are a lot crazy. That said, they are also my kind of crazy.

I’ve written a lot of books in my career. Some long, some short, some paranormal and other contemporary. I’ve written books where it was like pulling teeth to find each and very word and I’ve written others where it all just seems to magically coalesce on the page. I have said for years that my subconscious mind is far more clever than the rest of my brain. It thinks three, four, sometimes five steps ahead. For Bay Ridge Royals, it has legitimately been planning for three or four series ahead.

There are a lot of things coming together in this series. If you’ve read the other books, you might get a little something extra. At the same time, it’s a story about Lainey, Milo, Adam, Ezra, and Bodhi. It’s a story about corrupt families and broken relationships. It’s tale of greed and passion, friendships found and lovers lost. It’s also about fusing together for a common goal.

More than all of that, it asks the question, what wouldn’t you do for the people you love? At the heart of it all is loyalty. I genuinely freaking adore this series. I want everyone to love it like I do. I’ve only written two or three, genuine passion projects—books I wrote because I loved the story more than anything else. Bay Ridge Royals is absolutely in that category.

Give it a chance and let these characters seduce you.

Oops, I got a little carried away there, I have a few other morsels to share with you, from new series announcements to upcoming plans and much more.


Patreon has launched! It’s still a work in progress, so please mind our dust. The first few chapters of the Scorned Honor serial kicked off on there already.

The first chapter of the What If story has kicked off. I haven’t decided whether it will be Wednesday or Friday… for updates. Currently, Scorned Honor is every other Friday so bear with me on this one.

For those asking, the What If is called Rules, Roses, & Rivals and it’s a what if Frankie met Frenchie over the summer and started senior year with a boyfriend rather than meeting him on day one! Don’t expect it to go exactly the way it did with a few bumps. I’m writing this as much for exploring the road less traveled as for fun!

We have some new art up, and I have more coming.

You can check it out right here.


We have some special new releases coming this year, a chance to revisit a few of our friends.

  • Hellos and Happily Ever Afters – Frankie and the guys
  • Dirty Dancer – 82nd Street Vandals
  • Torched on Tour – KC and the girls

I do not have dates yet, I am working on them and have been. As soon as one is finished, I’ll put it up for preorder, etc.  I am super excited to return to these worlds! Yes, each book takes place AFTER their series finales.

I have 2 of the 3 covers to reveal, so we may make it a game to get those up for you to see!


BAY RIDGE ROYALS | BOOK FOUR: Wicked Surrender, is currently available for preorder. Don’t mind the currently listed release date. As always, I’ll move the date up when it’s done. FUN FACT: We are on track to get to my editors by the beginning of Feb. Which will mean a March release 😀

The following have no particular dates as yet, and some are pending:

    • Book One: BURN
    • FMC: Grace Degas Black – yes, she is the twin sister of Blake Blessing’s Bastard Brothers of Carnage heroine: Amorette Black
    • MMCs: Yes, these are Doc’s former teammates all introduced in Vandals briefly (as was Grace).
    • Currently, Burn is up for preorder for January of 2025, it will be done well before then, but I am giving myself breathing room.
  • STANDALONES listed above
  • PNR STANDALONE – TO BE ANNOUNCED – I’ve missed writing PNR so this one is absolutely for me and is going to be my carrot project this year. I get to work on it when I hit my word count deadlines. When I hit the halfway mark, I’ll announce what it is (and yes, I already have a cover *winks*)

I have quite a few more surprises planned. Including events. Be sure to visit the events tab on my website to see where I’ll be in 2024 and the preorders as they open. As always, if you aren’t in the Facebook reader group, they pretty much get the first news drops of everything.

This is gonna be a banger of a year!

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