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New Release! New Series! Problem Child is Here!

November 22, 2022


I am so excited to share a brand-new series with you! If you will indulge me for a moment, I wanted to take a minute to discuss a little history behind Problem Child. A little context, if you will.

If you’re reading this one for the triggers found in this book, go ahead and skip to the end of this letter where I will list them for you. If you don’t mind giving me a couple of minutes of your time, I’d like to share another story with you.

This story is the history behind Blue Ivy Prep, the concept of KC, and a young, talented woman named Harley (HarleyQuinnZaler on Facebook).

Harley was a devoted reader and a talented cover artist. During one of her pre-made sales, I grabbed a cover that just resonated with me. A girl in denim overalls, dancing like crazy, and her hair was teal. From the moment I saw that cover, KC aka Kaitlin Crosse was born.

It was January 2020 and I was only working on the third book of my 12 book series Untouchable. (The series is now complete). The girl on this cover was everything I pictured for Kaitlin, who along with Aubrey Miller and Yvette Chanteur, formed the girl band Torched.

They were one of Frankie’s favorite bands and they appeared on the page in book 5, Hangovers and Holidays. I’m not telling you all this to get you to pick up that series. Absolutely not. While KC and the girls do appear there, you do not have to read Untouchable to appreciate this series.

At the time, when I told Harley what I wanted to write, she was so stoked. We discussed cover concepts, art, the characters and more. She was so excited about the future books and the cover models I picked out. She couldn’t wait to do their covers.

Then in 2021, unexpectedly, Harley passed away. Her loss was devastating for her family, her husband, her mother, her daughter… I felt that loss keenly because losing anyone is hard. Losing someone so young with so much future in front of her was just not fair.

Her family offered the covers already purchased and her team was working to get all of this sorted, but with three more covers needed, I made a different call.

Working with Stephanie at Vicious Desires Designs, we used the inspiration of the cover to go in a different direction. The cover that Harley made me for this first book, originally titled Party Girl, remains an inspiration and I wrote Harley into this book because she was so excited and I want her to remain a part of it.

As you can see by the dedication, this book… this whole series is for her and for the joy she brought into our lives with a light that was far too soon extinguished.

Thank you, Harley and I miss you.

If you have read this far, thank you as well. Problem Child is the first in a four book series following Kaitlin Crosse as she attends Blue Ivy Prep, an exclusive boarding, prep, and college school for the wealthy and the privileged.

The series is reverse harem/why choose. This means the female main character will not have to choose between the guys in her life. This series is also slow burn, and begins with bullying, secrets, lies, and complicated family ties.

There is some stalking, and I will give a warning for a severe health diagnosis for a side character. This book is also told exclusively from Kaitlin’s viewpoint except for the prologue. Future books in this series will contain multiple points of view.

Thank you again for taking a chance on this series, I can’t wait to hear what you think of KC and the girls. Be sure to join us in my reader group on Facebook where we talk about books, book loving, some spoilers, teasers for the future, and bonus scenes.

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