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What’s your flavor? Book Boyfriend Edition

June 27, 2023

Hot Professor, Ninja Kisser, Musical Muse…  Are you ready for Book 3 of Blue Ivy Prep? If you haven’t read Problem Child and Mad Boys, I would recommend pausing to grab those first as this series needs to be read in order.

I would like to offer up a correction for a mistake in Mad Boys. There is a mention that Pen’s eyes are exactly like KC’s. They are, but another point says that Pen’s eyes are brown. They are not supposed to be brown, they are supposed to be the same blue as KC’s. While I have submitted the corrections, they do not always reflect in previously sold material, so I wanted to own up to that oops here.

There is a brief recap included in the foreword for Party Crashers to remind you of what happened previously in the series along with triggers to be mindful of.

If you have read this far, thank you. Party Crashers is the third in a four book series following Kaitlin Crosse as she attends Blue Ivy Prep, an exclusive boarding, prep, and college school for the wealthy and the privileged.

In the meanwhile, enjoy this image of me with Chad Hurst, I got to meet him at BABE while I was in Australia. The model for Ramsey is a real doll! More news on the BABE trip coming soon.


Thank you again for taking a chance on this series, I can’t wait to hear what you think of KC and the douchebags three. Be sure to join us in my reader group on Facebook where we talk books, book loving, some spoilers, teasers for the future, and bonus scenes. The fourth and final book Money Shot, releases at the end of August.

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