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Your favorite Vandals are back! Grab Merciless Spy today!

January 17, 2023

Welcome to book seven of the 82nd Street Vandals series. If you have not read the first six, stop. Do not pass Go. Grab book one: Savage Vandal, and start there.


This is a series that really must be read in order.

Okay, back to my welcome. Merciless Spy picks up a short while after where we left off in Dangerous Renegade. Need a snapshot? Pour yourself a drink, grab a seat, and get caught up in the foreword.

Merciless Spy finds us with a war brewing and their journey far from over.

The seismic shifts that have rocked their lives are not over. Not by a long shot. Please remember that this is a dark romance and there are definitely triggering moments with regard to abuse, assault, violence, and addiction. Take care of yourself.

Also, this is the seventh book in a series. While there may be no specific happy endings at the end of each of these books, there will be one to the whole series, that I promise you. Some of these books will have cliffhangers, largely due to the size of the story, but the happy ending has to be earned.

Finally, I want to add one last note. Books are not written in a vacuum. Worlds are not created in silence. There were some deeply challenging moments as I worked on this book, and thanks to some of the most wonderfully supportive people and the best girl gang ever, I made it. We made it.

Happy reading.


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