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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Mean Visiting Other Worlds

November 24, 2023

Discover the worlds of Heather Long with the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for a limited time. Immerse yourself in captivating stories and explore a carousel of colorful emotional connections whether you’re a fan of enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, unalivers, aliens, vampires, or angels. Heather has a little something something for everyone who is a fan of reverse harems. Grab these first in the series to devour in between bouts of holiday shopping, cooking, and for those moments when everyone is sleeping—you know, except you.

So how do you know which one is for you?

Book your escape to the trials and tribulations of friends-to-lovers with all the trials of discovering you’re in love with your best friends and you don’t want to choose in Rules and Roses.

Catch your first class dark romance ticket to enemies-to-lovers filled with triggers, dark delicious men, and a touch her and die vibe with Savage Vandal.

Need to get in line for that secret society, dark romance with all the twists and turns then hop over to Shamelessly Loyal.

Want a break from the world touring for some “normalcy” with rock star Kaitlin Crosse, be sure to buckle up for the academy, bully, and some angst with Problem Child.

Do you like to relax with Criminal Minds and a little Dexter? If serial unalivers are your thing, then Vienna is definitely going to intrigue as she gathers the most unexpected harem in this dark romance with a little bit of everything in Kill Song.

Get away from it all with Dahlia as she discovers a world living alongside our own filled with powerful Keepers that are definitely not angels in a tale of love, tragedy, and revenge. There’s only one problem, she found it on the day she died in Kiss of Fate.

Burn away the chills with this scorchingly hot, blazingly funny, fast burn romance where a succubus cannot seem to catch a break after being turned into a vampire, and that’s just where it starts in Succubus Chained, the fast burn paranormal romance with dragons, frost fae, and druids oh my.

Have you ever thought you didn’t really belong and that you were an alien princess from another world banished to live a mundane life? No? Khloe didn’t either. Find out what that means in Queenmaker.

And now, for something completely different where life is a construct and you aren’t sure what’s real. Is it you? Or the world you inhabit? Or both? Maybe neither. Take a journey in a sci-fi dystopian world with Paused.

All series are available in Kindle Unlimited on Amazon. All are complete except for the Bay Ridge Royals which begins with Shamelessly Loyal. Several are available in audio. Grab your escape today. Then come hang out with us in the Pack on Facebook.


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