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Cardinal Sins Series Complete (New Release)

October 12, 2022

It’s here! I wish I had something pithier for you than we’ve made it, but here we are. The fourth and final book in the Cardinal Sins series is available now.  Clearly, if you have not read the first three books in this series, it is probably a good idea to go back to Kill Song and start there!

After three books of build-up, we are so stoked to share the twisted conclusion to the Cardinal Sins series. There were some twists and turns we didn’t quite expect. There were also more than a few characters who popped up (or in some cases just strolled in).

We will warn you that as in previous books, this novel does contain graphic violence, depictions of human trafficking, sexual violence, as well as some scenes involving physical and psychological torture.  This is very much a dark romance with emphasis on both the dark and the romance. We do try to inject some funny as well.

Please use caution and protect yourself.



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